A Quest for Understanding and Connection Part

Indigenous peoples understood that the physical and spiritual worlds were part of a vast web of life—interconnected, interdependent, and whole. They understood that the past, present, and future are interrelated and that time is illusory. They saw existence as a circle without end, whole and unfragmented.

The ancient elders embodied wisdom, seeing simplicity in the apparent complexity of life. They saw beyond their daily lives to their place in the "bigger picture," the purpose of life. Unlike our indigenous ancestors, the current world perceptions are mechanistic and highly fragmented. We have not been conscious of the interdependence of all things.

Science has explained the world and humans in mechanical, objective terms, and has failed to understand the organic nature of all living systems. Since the advent of the Agricultural Age, humankind has come to see itself as dominant over and separate from nature. The physical body, intellect, emotions, and soul have been seen as separate and disconnected systems. The emerging era, however, reveals the illusory nature of such perceptions. Several theories have evolved simultaneously that reflect a more integrated and interdependent view of the world. Quantum theory has evoked a new perception of a connected reality that differs dramatically from Newtonian mechanics, in which all things are independent and unrelated and function like machines.

Complexity theory now describes existence as organic and self-organizing. It compels humankind to see itself as part of a constantly emerging order with a universal consciousness. Our understanding of the brain and the clear unity of intellect, emotion, and intuition have created a new understanding of the ways we come to know.

The new organic biology, and our understanding of ecosystems, has redefined life forms as not independent entities, but part of a universal oneness, connected and interdependent. New thinking recognizes a higher consciousness that explains more fully how life functions, without defying scientific knowledge. Wisdom recognizes the importance of nonrational thought. Knowledge without wisdom is merely fact without understanding.

Our new age is tapping into the vast reservoirs of wisdom available to all who will see. We are approaching a time when psychology and science need to change. Quantum physics is opening new realities in science, and the pioneers in psychology are using alternative methods to open new realities in psychology.

Change in longstanding beliefs are beginning to reflect how we heal. Through my own personal use of alternative methods I not only understand healing, I feel healed.

Jan Engels-Smith promotes self-healing, empowerment, better communities, a healthy world and conducts workshops in shamanism & journeying. Her book, Becoming Yourself is at . Jan's a Licensed Counselor. She's done over 2,000 soul retrievals. She is the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, a Chemical Dependency Specialist, and Marriage Therapist. She is a water-pourer for sweat lodge, a minister, a Reiki Master.


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