A Return to The World of Weird Celebrity Baby Names

You can't fail to have heard the name from the lips of newscasters worldwide over the latter part of April 2006: "Suri." Yes, this is the name that Thomas Cruise Mapother IV and his fragrant partner, Katie Holmes, named their new daughter, born on April 19, 2006. "Suri" - OK, maybe you're thinking, "Just like Tom Cruise - kinda weird." Or maybe you're thinking, "Aaah, so sweet.

" It's one of those names really, one that you can't really make your mind up about. Perfect for a celebrity baby name, I suppose - a great topic to spark many a canteen or bar-room debate. Cruise's people have reported that the name has origins in the Hebrew word for 'princess' and Persian word for 'red rose'. Well the latter is true, but Tom and Katie may be a little shocked to learn that, in Hebrew, "Suri" actually means "Go away!" As reported by Gideon Goldenberg, a linguistics professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "It's a term that denotes expulsion, like 'Get out of here'.

" OOPS! Even worse, it unfortunately also happens to mean; ? 'Pickpocket' in Japanese, ? 'Burglary' in Bengali, ? 'Comb' in Javanese, ? 'Knife, ' or 'pointy nose' in some Indian dialects, ? 'Trouser' in Amharic (Ethiopian language). Less unfortunately, it also means; ? 'Royal Queen' in Malay, ? 'Mother of the sun' in Sanskrit, ? 'Wealthy' in Armenian. Oh yes - and it's also a famous breed of llama!! Just goes to show - when choosing a baby name, do your research! Of course, the unusual nature of the name and the global celebrity of the parents just raises the whole issue of weird celebrity baby names again. In my article "So What Are the Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names?" I discuss the whole issue of why so many celebrity offspring have such weird names and highlight some of the more famous examples. But, just in case we missed some, here are a few more: ? "Reignbeau" - daughter actor Ving Rhames.

Wouldn't be so bad if he spelt it properly! ? "Jermajesty" - son of Jermaine Jackson. Just, well, weird! ? "Diezel, Denim" - sons of Toni Braxton. At the height of her fame, Toni when bankrupt, probably because she didn't write any of the lyrics to any of her mega hits. Now we know why her producers wouldn't let her loose on any of the songwriting! ? 'Kal-el' - son of Nicolas Cage.

Every DC comic fan knows recognises this name as the original name of Superman. Does Cage have some kind of superhero complex? I suppose its quite apt really - lets face it, as they demonstrate in the naming of their children and in many other aspects of their lives, celebrities tend to live on a completely different planet!.

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