An AZ Guide On Lifehandling

You must check out this invaluable little self-help might just transform the quality of your life! Imagine condensing everything you have ever learnt about being really effective and how to make things work in life and condensing it on to one page! -I know this sounds a crazy idea, but to a certain extent it has been done. I've done many different self-help courses in my time. Ranging from self-actualisation, spiritual enlightenment, the religious, counselling's and psychotherapy and those that more than border the far-out esoteric! From some of these disciplines I have had to sort out the wheat from the chaff and it hasn't been an easy time.

However, this is what I have come up with, which summaries nearly all I have learnt. -A self-help manual: An "A-Z Guide On Lifehandling!" I keep this on a wall at home. Some of my friends have it on their fridge door.I look at it everyday and try to apply its principles. Having used it in this way, I can honestly say that I've brought some magic to my life. Others have found this too: The more a person puts their intention into getting something out of the A to Z the bigger the results can be gotten.

When something goes awry in my life I can see where I was out from looking at the A-Z. A-Z guide in Lifehandling! Accept others like you can accept yourself Be yourself. Your individuality is your biggest strength Communicate! Problems in relationships? If in doubt talk it out Drive. Are you a driver or a passenger in life? Excel yourself in everything you do. Freedom is the only thing worth living for Give only what you'd be willing to have given to you Honour your world as your integrity Integrity is the mortar that holds together life workability Just to it.

Don't put things off Know yourself Love. The equation: Love given = Love taken Magic is something produced from real commitment Never give up Observe and be present to your emotions Problems are opportunities in disguise Question: Live life as an enquiry Respect the cultural beliefs of others Seize the moment you've created Try this A-Z and see how it works in your life Understanding is the key to peace Wholeness, fulfilment and completion: These words spell freedom Xperience life. Be in it Your listening is the key to achievement Zest for life is something you invent. Not a thing of circumstance.

I, Paul Phillips am a health writer researcher. I graduated in 'Biological Sciences' which includes biochemistry, physiology and nutrition. I have worked in various related research and development labs. I am always willing to give advice and help people in my field. For more information please try the link below


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