Angels Our Messengers of Light

Angels or Messengers of love and light do not live on white puffy clouds, nor do they have wings. But be reassured they do come into our lives to help and guide us. Many people from all walks of life have told stories of their experiences from these unseen helpers. But what are angels? They have been in our books for centuries.

Hollywood has portrayed them, poets and writers have written about them. Artists have painted them. Who are they and why are they here? They are more than a great imagination. They are real. They have come into many ordinary peoples lives and have changed them for the good.

There are many different angels written about. Some are from the highest vibration and look after Global affairs. Some are in charge of the Animal Kingdom. Some angels look after the Plant Kingdom. Every living thing has brought angels here to look after them on Planet Earth.

The angels from the highest vibration have never incarnated on earth but are here for us if we call on them. We come here with guardian angels. The are assigned to us with the agreement to help us with difficult times in our lives to get us through.

Even though we may not believe or are aware of them they will never leave us. They patiently await for our instructions to assist us. Angels are particularly evident when we are in trouble or in life and death situations. This is usually when people talk of unseen help. I myself have experienced this unseen help several times in my life during trauma and very dangerous situations I found myself in.

I never understood what had just happened at that time. Angels are here for us everyday people. Call them energy, or inspiration.

It has been reported that angels sometime come in solid form as you and I. Then to vanish in thin air right in front of their eyes. It makes no difference what you call them they are with us always. Angels are waiting to help us. They are waiting for the invitation to assist us with their divine presence. Anyone can connect with their angels.

Invite them in your life and create a lasting bond with them. The moment you establish a connection with your angels they take root in your consciousness. Establishing a personal connection with your angels is a very simple process. Believing in angels is an option. Just allow yourself to be open to your angels and notice all the wonderful happenings around your from your angels presence.

Then there is no need to believe you will simply know they are real. People communicate with there angels in many different ways. Some people write letters, some talk with them as if they were a friend in the room with them.

(Because the are!) After you have made contact and have the connection with your angels you will want to communicate with them in your own way. When your angels communicate back you may get an inspirational message of something that you were wondering about, or you may hear a song on the radio answering your question. You may hear something in your, or a voice outside of yourself. Since I am a voice channeler they speak through me auditory.

Basically angels language usually consists of colors, symbols, sounds and feelings. Once you have made the connection with them you will soon learn when it is your angels communicating. Once you have taken that first step you will be happy you did because you have opened the door to more greatness and fulfillment in your life! Copyright (c) 2008 Patsy Gagnon.

Patsy Gagnon is an inspirational writer, A wellness practitioner a Registered Certified Counseling Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, a channeler, and a healer. Connect with Patsy at:


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