Are We There Yet Going From Change To Change

Coping with the rapid pace of change is a subject I've written and spoken about frequently in recent years. And it's coming up more and more in my client conversations. It would appear as if the only constant in life is change and our need to adapt. At the same time, I am seeing more clients presenting with disturbances in the throat and thyroid than ever before. What is happening here? In probing deeper during client sessions, I usually find that beneath the presenting issues (feeling off-balance, feeling stuck, or having physical symptoms of hypothyroidism or anxiety attacks), most everyone feels squeezed by the rapid pace of change in their lives. They feel that their old way of life no longer supports them, and they often feel at the mercy of the changes, instead of empowering themselves through the shift.

Conditions in the throat and thyroid areas invariably relate to our alignment (or lack thereof) to our Higher Truth. When we find it difficult to stand up for what we believe or to align our outer world with our inner reality, the energetic constriction will present as a blockage in the Life Force energy of the throat or thyroid. It is as if the Life Force energy is literally being choked in our lives. Left unaddressed, the condition can escalate to present symptoms of high blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities or other imbalances in the body. We are all feeling the pressure, recognizing that non-alignment to our soul's purpose is wasting our life energy and it is no longer OK with us.

We understand, intuitively, that we are in a time of great change sweeping the planet right now. More than ever before, we are faced with the need to become proactive; aligning with the necessary shifts to realize our true identity and purpose here. But why the rush, why the sense of urgency? As we approach the end date of the Mayan calendar in 2012, time seems to be moving faster and faster. More is happening in every second than ever before. In his book "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness," Carl Johann Calleman explains that the rate of change between levels of consciousness has been accelerating gradually over millennia. Billions of years ago, a shift of consciousness happened every 1.

26 billion years. Millions of years ago, a shift of consciousness took 63.4 million years. Beginning in 1755 AD, the Age of Enlightenment, a shift of consciousness occurred every 20 years.

Up until 1999, we lived in that cycle. Then, on January 4, 1999, we entered a new cycle of consciousness called the Galactic Cycle. Since 1999, a shift of consciousness happens in only 360 days, rather than the 20 years it used to take. By February 10, 2011 - less than 3 years from today - a shift in consciousness will take only 20 days. So, what used to take 20 years to shift prior to 1999 will take only 20 days to shift by 2011! What does all that mean? With each shift, change (for better or for worse) becomes more rapid to the point of being almost instantaneous. We are no longer able to live with the leftovers of old energy in our lives.

This is a time to stay focused on our purpose, and to release any energies that no longer serve us. The debris from obsolete belief systems and behaviors need to be released or else it starts feeling like a millstone around our necks. Individuals everywhere are realizing that there is a Divine plan and purpose for each one of us in this lifetime, a plan we agreed to before we entered this life.

We may not remember exactly what that purpose is, yet we can feel it when our lives are somehow not aligned with what we are here to do. If your life is out of alignment in a significant way with your Higher Self, you will usually recognize it by one or more of the following symptoms: 1) My relationships are not satisfying. 2) I'm living less than abundantly. 3) My work is feeling meaningless or my life is feeling blah.

4) I have little or no energy. 5) Everything is going wrong. 6) I am not living authentically. I feel I have to be someone other than who I really am. 7) I am unable to express my truth freely out of fear about how others will respond. 8) I feel ambivalent about my own deservingness, power or abilities - do I really have what it takes to move to the next level? 9) I have consistent low-level anxiety.

10) I am afraid of losing my job, relationship, home or some other form of security. If you recognize one or more of the above symptoms in you life, you are receiving a clear message that something needs to change. And it needs to happen soon.

I'm not saying this to alarm you but when we ignore the subtle messages that life brings us, they continue to gather in intensity until we receive a whack on the side of the head, so to speak. It may come in the form of a life crisis, a health issue or some other form of upheaval that ultimately forces us to pay attention. The good news is that once you become aware of being out of alignment in some area, you have already taken the first step toward change. By recognizing where you are and what you need to address, you already have a starting point for shifting into alignment. Now all you need is the intention to release what is not working in your life so you can make space for what does work.

Remember, you don't have make all the changes at once - you can begin with small steps, as long as you do begin. After you make the commitment to start, you will discover that there are many people, places, and tools that can support you in the process. You just need to reach out.

Pick an area of your life that needs to change or feels like a challenge to you. Then ask yourself what it is that is holding your back from making the change: is it fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of making a mistake? Fear is simply false evidence appearing real, so release that fear to the Divine. Invite the Presence of Divine Truth and Guidance instead to assist you with moving forward. Once you start to focus on creating shifts instead of being at the mercy of change, you will notice how the energy of that shift carries you forward toward much greater empowerment and fulfillment.

Ada Porat is a kinesiologist and life balance coach with extensive international teaching and clinical experience. She uses body/mind/spirit techniques to help clients live life on purpose. For more information, visit


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