Baby Keepsakes That Last Forever

Babies won't always be babies, in just a few years, they'll grow from an adorable little baby, to an active little toddler, and then on to their older years. And when they're all grown up, you won't be able to rewind time and reminisce what they were like when they were having their firsts, like their first walk, first hair, first hand print, and so on. That's why it's important to keep remembrances from your baby's first years, and this is what keepsakes are for. Little hand or foot prints, a tiny lock of hair, photos that capture the first years, baby keepsakes honors the traditions of the past while embracing modern trends, too. Gorgeous items celebrating a wide range of baby's "firsts" make wonderful gifts, and they often can come with commemorative engraving or embroidery.

These timeless treasures make lovely baby shower and first birthday gifts! Try the Keepsake Savings Block, which is a ceramic piggy bank that is sure to make an impression at the baby shower! If you're a grandparent, auntie or friend, this memorable piggy bank is a thoughtful way to welcome a precious little one. A savings bank that grows with the child, it comes with a permanent marker for recording milestones like their weight and height at different ages, first smile and so on. It's the perfect little keepsake gift for boys and girls! The Personalized Keepsake Frame is also a great baby shower gift, beautifully accenting baby's nursery with its timeless charm. Destined to become a cherished heirloom, this adorable picture frame showcases sweet memories, whether in a candid snapshot or a professional photograph. Personalize with baby's first name, and you've got a unique gift for a new bundle of joy! They'll treasure this sweet frame, adorned with traditional baby booties. A classic gift for baby's christening or baptism, this Keepsake Bonnet is an enduring way to express your joy! Celebrating the little one's arrival with sophisticated style, this lovely bonnet recalls vintage style and treasured keepsakes and it even includes a sweet poem.

This delicately wrought and meticulously crafted bonnet can be handed down through the generations as a cherished heirloom. This classic bonnet is a unique baby gift, soft and light, with timeless appeal.

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