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It is impossible as a parent to be near your baby every minute of the day. There are times when you have to leave them whilst they are sleeping so that you can do those necessary jobs around the home, or even have a cat-nap yourself! Parents do not need to worry anymore about how to ensure that their baby is safe because a baby monitor will help to do this for them. If you go to a reputable baby store, you will find many types of baby monitors at varying prices. How do you choose which ones will suit your needs and which are the best for the money? As a parent wanting the best for your baby, it is easy to get caught up in the extra features available but do you really need them? Types of Baby Monitors Available The main need in a baby monitor is to enable the parents to hear if the baby is awake and crying. So, a basic monitor with a radio transmitter and a receiver will suffice. The transmitter is positioned near enough to the baby to pick up sounds they make, and the receiver is positioned somewhere in the house with the parent.

The important points to consider with a basic baby monitor are does it cover the range required and how good is the reception? Most models can cover a range between 650 - 2,000 feet. A wide bandwidth, for example 900 megahertz, will give a good, clear reception. However, interference from other wireless devices is an important issue to consider. If you live near other people and there are many mobile phones, concrete walls, and cordless phones you'd do better to choose a lower bandwidth of about 40 megahertz.

This interference can also be reduced by choosing a baby monitor with multiple channel selection. A digital monitor will not only give you more clarity but is much better at reducing interference. However, be aware that the range of these digital baby monitors is shorter than non-digital. You may decide to go for a monitor with extra features. Before you get convinced of the need for these, keep your budget in mind and be sure that you really believe these are important.

Extra features include: Web-cam - this allows the parent to record pictures of the baby while playing or sleeping. The benefit is not only that you have a recording that can be kept or sent to family members and friends, but that you know what is actually happening in the room. Some are so advanced that they have a voice activator which, when connected to your TV or VCR, switches on the screen when a noise is made. Mattress motion sensor - A pad is placed under the crib mattress that senses every move of the baby.

This doesn't mean that an alarm is going off frequently, as all babies move while they sleep, but when the baby doesn't move for a specific amount of time then the alarm in the baby monitor will sound. This is especially good for peace of mind if you're worried about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but don't rely on it as prevention. Light Display - A light will turn on when your baby is crying.

This is especially useful if you are doing noisy work around the house or if you've turned the volume down while you're entertaining because you still know if the baby requires your attention. Battery Light - This shows if the battery is running low. Intercom - You can talk to your baby for reassurance without having to go to their room immediately. Are there unreliable baby monitors? Overall, baby monitors are safe and reliable to use.

Consumer Reports will give you a more detailed and informative opinion on which are the better ones to use. Baby stores are selling baby monitors every day so ask for their opinion - they should have some relevant customer feedback. If you want to buy online, first research the brands thoroughly. Check that they have a return policy if you're not satisfied. Summary: Having a baby monitor allows you peace of mind because you can hear every sound even though you are not there with your baby. But what must you know before buying and do you need those extra feature?.

Brooke Hayles
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