Being Normal in Business Is Overrated

Let's be honest, being normal in business is overrated What I mean is simply this: what is considered to be 'normal' is to go to school, learn hard, have good grades, get a job, work hard, save money, and have credit companies telling you that you are a second class person because you missed a Sears payment. 'Normal' means to drive a mediocre car and be happy for it. Normal means to have the government "take care of you in your old age" (yeah right!). It also means not to dream about obscene success such as to be a movie star, a singer, athlete, or otherwise become a super successful businessman by taking risks and by not being normal. I wonder how many bright shining all-confident young souls have been killed with the words "that is not normal, it is not what we do here, let go of your illusions and be practical, do what I did - work your way up slowly, only one in a million makes it that way why should you?" and many more such statements.

In my opinion, to hell with that balderdash - I am doing just fine not being normal. Even though I have not yet reached any of the stardoms I described above, but hey, I am, because I am 'not normal', still working on ALL my dreams. And that, my friend, is happiness. This is how I see it. Why in hell would anyone perform actions, which no matter how good he does them, will never ever bring him the rewards he dreams about? Personally, I think it has everything to do with personal integrity! Let me reiterate this a bit stronger. Why in the hell would anyone have so little integrity, self-confidence, so little responsibility towards himself as well as towards other people? I mean do people who have dreams of influencing the world with whatever they had in mind, not realize that the world actually needs them? How do you think we got to fly to the moon, have Microsoft, and yes, why do we think we have all those beautiful songs, pictures, great architectures etc? In fact how do you think we have any of the pleasures we experience? By doing the 'normal'? Think about it! It's laughable - of course not.

Once again, how many kids do you know dream about having a used middle class sedan when they grow up and a good retirement plan, with a 2-weeks a year vacation at a neighboring town? Did YOU dream about that? Or was it more like being at the top, seeing the world, fast cars and MOST importantly did you dream about making a difference, producing something which is great and which can be associated to you in some form or another? Despite risking to beat this issue to death, I have to ask again: why would anyone go to a dead end job? Whether that is a clerk, or a medical doctor who sees no way out of a work harder and lesser money-making future and makes him doing nothing else but waiting for the day to end and the weekend to arrive! And he then spends the weekend (or small vacation) worrying about not having enough money and time! Why would anyone do all this ONLY to get enough money to buy the things he really does not want? Keep in mind the used car is not what you want - it's just what he can get. And why is a used car and a 2 week vacation to the neighboring town the only thing some people will ever get? Why would they get things they did not want? Answer: they DO work they actually don't want to do, or do it in a way they actually don't want to do it (such as doctors) but do it because it is the 'normal' thing to do! Well, go ahead and make your own conclusion about being normal. Being 'normal' is a lose - lose situation - stop it! Start living and dreaming again.

Talk to us about our 'Absentee Owner' Program. This program allows the business owner to take time off from his business and yet the business is still making profit while he is away for however long he chooses! This program allows the doctor the option to stop practicing should he desires without sacrificing any of his income! Our Absentee Owner Program is not normal, but it will get you to stop trading time for money as most of you doctors do. And the money you get for your time is not even an awful lot and it is going down and down every year. Stop being normal.

Helmut Flasch is a marketing consultant who uses Un-advertising rather than the traditional advertising methods. Find out more information about his marketing strategy at Un-Advertising Info.


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