Build Your Own Wedding Ring The guide to Custom Wedding Rings

So you have decided to get married. It is a big step for a couple to decide they finally want to spend their life together. On of the first things that you will want to start thinking about is your wedding ring. A very unique and special way to come up with a unique ring is to build your own wedding ring. By this we do not mean some simple homemade do it yourself ring.

Rather we mean a real beautiful and unique wedding ring that you work with a jeweler to design and build. The steps below will help you think about the process of building your own wedding ring and custom wedding rings in general. Benefits Building your own wedding ring is a wonderful experience and one which you will cherish forever. There are many benefits to custom made rings. A few of them include the following.

They are unique and individual and you know that no one else will have a ring just like your! Secondly a custom designed ring can easily be personalized and the design can incorporate the couple's likes and desires. Lastly, by building your own ring with a design you will save a significant amount of money. Because a custom made design does not include have some brand name famous designer behind it inflating the value.

So you will save big, have a unique and personalized product. What more can you ask for. Along with all of the above benefits designing a ring as a couple can provide a lifetime of memories. Things to think about There are certain things that you will want to consider before even talking to a designer.

It is best to have a rough sketch and some ideas at least in your head if not on paper to work from. This will ensure that the designer keeps with your ideas and does not push their own personal or artistic sensibilities onto the ring. This is not to say you should to listen to them at all but you should plan first and then seek input from the wedding ring designer.

Pick a Designer The first and most important step building your own wedding ring is to choose a designer. You will want to go to a few different stores and ask to see some sample of their work. This should show you what they are capable of technically. During the interview you will also want to get a feel for the person and see if you can work with them. Designing your own wedding ring can be difficult and tedious and you want a designer that is willing to stick it out with you and work with your ideas in designing the ring.

Choose the Metals Next you should start to think about the metals that you will want to use for the ring. There are a variety of choices and the decision should be based on personal preference and budget. Silver Gold White Gold Platinum Titanium The high up on the above list you go the more expensive the ring will be. Choose a Theme Next you will want to start looking at some design themes and come up with some ways to represent the theme in a ring. For our wedding ring for example we wanted something that was like the ocean which we both felt a spiritual connection to and we wanted something that had two separate pieces coming together to represent the two of us coming together.

Think in the abstract first and then narrow the ideas down to the reality of what is possible. Choose a stone Next you will want to think about the stone or diamond that you want in the ring. There are many different cuts and sizes of diamonds and it is important to incorporate them into the design in the early stages before it is too late and the ring has been made and will not fit what you want. Choose any extras There are a lot of extras that can be added to the ring and carefully consideration should be taken at the end to decide on these factors. For example white gold and gold can have a brushed texture to them or a shiny polished surface. You can add some smaller stones in to carry a design theme also.

Another thing to think about is if you wan the engagement ring to somehow integrate with the wedding band or not. Building your own wedding ring can be a wonderful experience and the memories will last a life time. You will be looking at the ring on a daily basis and it is also the proclamation of your marriage to the world why not go the extra mile and make it really special and unique.

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