Buy A Cheap Motor Scooter And Save Money

So you pull up to the gas pumps and start to fill up your SUV. As the pump's price displays hits $117.42 you begin to wonder if you should head down to the bank and take out a loan! With the cost of oil and gas rising so dramatically these days, people are looking for alternative ways to travel and a cheaper way to get to work.

And that actually means cheaper alternative ways. Gone are the days of buying large vehicles and SUVs just to impress somebody. Smaller cars or electric hybrids are becoming a commonplace solution for a large portion of the population looking to downsize and save money at the pumps.

But a motor scooter is also a viable option for so many people today! According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, sales of motor scooters have soared this year, up 25% from a year earlier while sales of everyday cars have plummeted! So yes, more and more people are starting to look at a gas scooter or electric motor scooter as a viable solution to the high cost of today's gas pump prices. But, of course, there is more to operating a vehicle than simply the gas price. There are obviously other considerations you have to take into account.

But, here again, the modern-day motor scooter can shine. Take a look around and you can find motor scooters that can handle everything from servicing, fuel, replacement tires, registration, insurance, riding gear and depreciation for as little as $85 per week. Try doing that with your big gas guzzler! And you can easily find motor scooters from people like Honda, Suzuki, Vespa or Yamaha that can actually keep up with traffic, climb hills fairly easily, easily carry more than one person, and even, if necessary, use the freeway. And scooters are great in the city where you can avoid traffic jams and easily find a small parking spot and save on parking costs as well. There are definitely a whole lot of good things to consider when you go to the option of buying and riding a motor scooter.

And when you do decide to buy a motor scooter you'll be surprised at the wind range of options available to you. There are low priced options, like Yamaha's Vino Classic priced at about $1,950. Or you can go with a long-time favorite like the Vespa, that can run from $3,300 for a 50CC LX, to $6,000 for the faster and bigger Scooter in a 250cc GTS. Larger scooters are also available.

Check out the Honda Silver Wing that comes with antilock brakes or try the Suzuki Burgman 650CC. Prices for these can run between $8,000 and $9,000. So, as you can see, there is something for everyone when considering a motor scooter, something for every taste and every pocketbook. Simply determine what your personal budget is, figure out which are already spending for transportation, and you can easily find a price range that is right for you.

So if you're looking for a great alternative to the pocket busting gas guzzler, take a long hard look at a motor scooter. Millions of people are doing that today and are glad that they did.

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