Can We Change In Time

We have a problem, a big problem. The way we have chosen to live in the West, is actually, not possible, not sustainable. Either the World was badly designed, or we have become very lost. Now it is crunch time, we have run out of credit, its time to make an account of our activities.

The planet is telling us, very clearly that it is time to explain our thinking and policy and we are all Sub Prime! Climate Change is an expression I do not like. It is to tidy. What this expression covers, is the fact the one species of life upon this planet is actually very close to destroying all. Yes us, Human Beings. The Crown of creation. How did this happen? Overnight while we slept? Because we voted in the wrong politicians? No, we have been traveling this road for a very long time and now here we are in this situation.

It does not take very much awareness, or intelligence to realise that mankind is the one species of life on this planet that is completely out of sync, living completely of of harmony with the rest of creation. Have we even yet reached, or even accepted this conclusion. Are we even ready to admit to this possibility? Yes we can sort our rubbish into different categories, buy a smaller car etc, but is this really enough to put right the damage we have caused environmentally? We humans seem to have a uniqueness in that we do not take only that which we need, but that which we want. It is a distinction that sets us apart from all the life forms with whom we share this planet? So much of the evolution of mankind has been driven by want, by greed and by selfishness and it seems to me that we took the wrong turn years ago, many, many years ago. We made a presumption, a long, long time ago that the only consideration for our action should be want, ambition and progress and that the consequences of our actions were largely unimportant.

That the world was a huge thing capable of absorbing whatever mess we created in our trail. Most of us were brought up to believe that the important thing in life was to get ahead, get a good career, buy a fine house, maybe go to church on Sunday, or not, It never actually occurred to us that we were part of an incredibly delicate, inter- dependable and actually, finely balanced eco system, that we were actually part of and not masters of an amazing system of biodiversity. No mankind has lived apart from and has separated itself from nature and the rest of creation. Have we learnt enough to reverse our current direction? Have we become humbled sufficiently to change our ways, I mean really change our ways? Are we capable of retracing our steps and changing our values? Are we ready to appreciate, I mean really appreciate the beauty of this world in its entirety and begin to understand the inter connectivity and inter dependence of all life on this planet? No clearly we have not individually changed that much at all and in reality these changes, if they are to happen will take generations to come about.

Do we have that time? So we must rely upon our political leaders the chiefs of industry and scientists to fix the problem, but wait a minute, are these not the very people instrumental in leading us down a path of unsustainable lifestyle and unsustainable growth? There is a theory that the earth is itself a sentient being and that it will ultimately protect itself and strive to maintain a balance, could this be true? Certainly weather patterns have changed noticeably in recent years. If this theory or belief is true, we are in serious trouble, because quite clearly it is only one species on this planet that is destroying the balance and living disharmoniously, so following through this concept the solution is very clear, no? Why have we evolved in such a reckless and careless fashion? It is as a species we have evolved in an incomplete way. Whilst intellectually and technologically we have advanced so rapidly, it seems that our spiritual & awareness capabilities are still somewhere back in the Stone Age.

Would an enlightened advanced species merrily cut through the very branch of the tree they sit on? There are many definitions of intelligence, different people measure this quality in different ways and yet, surely there can be a concensus of stupidity. Is this not an act of the greatest stupidity? Has this not been what in fact the human race has been doing for countless generations? I personally believe that there is a solution, that a balance will be restored and that this creation is to magnificent to be destroyed. If the planet does have some kind of consciousness and will do all neccessary to protect itself, where does that leave mankind? From that perspective we become the parasite no.

We all in reality share this earth. Through the eviriormental problems we have created it has become increasingly clear that we must all come together to seek a solution, to what would seem to be mankinds greatest challenge, can we overcome our political, religous and racial devides?


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