Choosing Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many kids. Finding the right Halloween costumes for kids can take a bit of creativity, since kids' tastes seem to change on a daily basis and they outgrow everything two days after you buy it. Here are some tips for finding the right kids Halloween costume this year. Choose a theme The first thing to do is to find a cute kids Halloween costume.

For older kids, you may need to get some input from the child, for younger children it is often easier if you pick it out for them. Think of kid's costumes that are popular this year ? Spiderman, Batman, American Girls, Barbie, animals, etc. Don't worry if your child is the fifth Blue from Blue's Clues at preschool ? kids often think it is great when their Halloween costumes match. Don't be afraid to go traditional with kid's Halloween costumes. Little devils, vampires, ghosts, and witches can be totally adorable when paired with the angelic faces of chubby infants. You can shop online retailers for kids Halloween costumes, and often the selections online provide you with great inspiration.

Safety and comfort take priority The important thing to remember when choosing Halloween costumes for kids is that they should be safe and comfortable for your child. This is especially true with very young children who might not be happy with the idea of getting dressed up for Halloween. ? A kid's Halloween costume for an infant should be soft and flexible. Remember, babies tend to be very vocal when they are uncomfortable, so make sure that the kids costume fits properly. ? Make sure that your kid's costume is not so long that they will trip and fall.

Avoid buying a costume too big in an effort to be able to wear it two years in a row. Also look for costumes that are flame retardant so that there is no concern about the Halloween costume catching fire if a jack-o-lantern gets knocked over. ? You want your child's Halloween costume to be visible.

If it is a dark-colored costume, add strips of reflective tape to make sure that your child will be seen in the dark. ? Avoid kids Halloween costumes that require masks. Masks can make it hard for children to see and breathe when in costume, and can become a safety hazard. Other Halloween safety tips There are a few other things that you can do to make sure your child enjoys Halloween and their Halloween costume.

Make sure that all children stay within sight at all times. For very young children, consider bringing the stroller in case they tire out. Make sure that safety belts are able to buckle properly around kids Halloween costumes if you are going to be driving in the car. Don't allow children to eat candy while trick-or-treating ? wait until you get home and can inspect it for choking hazards and other dangers.

Paul Hulse writes for the Kids Costumes online retailer Please visit their site for more information on Teen Costumes


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