Creating a New Reality Choosing Consciousness

The life of a holy person ' a mystic or saint ' is a lesson in ending the control of the parasitic mind and accessing the spirit within. No matter the belief system ' Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or any other spiritual path ' the best-known mystics of each cosmology are said to be in a continuous dialogue with the essence of spirit, living in what some refer to as "non-ordinary reality" ' they are open to perceive much more than what they are observing through their eyes. They have traveled the spiritual path to attain a level of consciousness and clarity that is uncommon. That path is not easy, but no matter what they encounter along the way, none of them have ever desired to return to their previous level of consciousness.

If you study their lives, each one of these mystics encountered their parasitic minds (awareness), exposed the illusion of their parasitic mind's creation (understanding), and changed how they were in the world (reconditioning), resulting in a higher level of consciousness in which they transformed their lives. You have the same ability as any of these mystics. Like them, you have the power to control your parasitic mind, canceling unsupportive thoughts and embracing self-empowering thoughts. All of what we have been talking about so far leads to one simple reality: You can choose consciousness. So, if you can choose consciousness and it takes less energy to have positive thoughts than negative, why would you want to be focused on the negative aspects of life or anything that detracts from being conscious? If you are aware and understand the illusion you have been creating, and still aren't having the results you want for your life, mostly likely the parasitic mind is still in control.

This is because being unconscious is a habit. To stay conscious, you have to continually exercise new habits. As you question the mind and are able to free your energy from fear, you will see incredible changes. Your health will improve, you can resist illness, you can heal yourself. When you are inspired and enthused, every moment becomes a wonderful experience.

The more you question the parasitic mind and remain open, the more the energy flow builds. Eventually that energy will start to pour out of you, through your skin, radiating out of your heart and all your other energy centers. You start to see the change when you walk into a room and other people notice something different about you. You are feeding them your flow of energy.

You are a source of light for those around you; you are becoming the change you want to see in the world. You don't have to wait another moment to decide that your life would be better if you choose to adopt new thinking. Take back control. Become the leader of your consciousness. You no longer have to listen to the parasitic mind.

Create new thoughts to replace the stories the parasitic mind has tricked you into believing. Through facing your fears, developing awareness, questioning the parasitic mind, and creating new habits to replace the old, you will learn to stay open to all that life has to offer. Once you realize there is nothing worth closing your heart for, you will stay in the flow of love, joy, and happiness.

Marilyn Schwader uses a unique blend of technology, e-commerce, communication, and spirituality to help her writing coaching clients create and market their work. To find more of her tips, resources, and a schedule of her webinars, teleclasses, and retreats, visit


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