Creating Your Own Baby Gift Basket

Creating a Baby Gift Basket When it comes to giving a loved one a baby gift basket at her shower, you can choose to purchase one that is pre-packaged. These baskets, however, often lack the personal touch that you most likely seek with your gift. Therefore, creating your own baby gift basket is often the best way to go. The first step in creating your own baby gift basket is to find the perfect basket. If you go to a craft store or visit the crafts section of nearly any store, you will most likely find many different baskets to choose from.

At the same time, you can think outside of the box and use a nontraditional item as the basket in your baby gift basket. For example, you might use a plastic shovel and pail set to carry your gifts. This can be adorable and the baby can reuse it when he or she becomes old enough to play in the sand. Deciding What to Put in the Baby Gift Basket Deciding what you want to include in your baby gift basket is the best part of creating one. Now, you can include whatever items you think the mom-to-be will need or want most.

Perhaps you will want to include a couple bibs or a pair of shoes. Or, maybe you would like to be the one to give the baby his or her first piece of baby jewellery or a coordinated outfit complete with shirt and shoes. On the other hand, the new mom might still need some of the basics, such as bottles, a room therometer, nappy cream, shampoo, massage oil, or nappies. Then, don t forget to include something special for the baby, such as a soft toy for him or her to cuddle.

Whatever you decide to include, have fun creating the baby gift basket and it will be sure to be a hit at the shower. Wrapping it All Up After you choose the items to include in your baby gift basket, you can wrap it all up with clear cellophane. Like the basket, this can also be found in the crafts section of your favorite store. Cellophane is also available in different tints. So, you might decide to choose cellophane with a blue tint if you know the baby will be a boy or pink tint if it will be a girl.

Or, you might select wrap with a cute little design that will be great for any baby gift basket, no matter if the baby is a boy or a girl or maybe even twins!.

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