Dare to Believe Dare to Dream

It's amazing how many people know what they want or know what they don't want and yet they don't do anything about it. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone telling you about how much they hate their job and how they would love to start a business instead. Yet at the end of the conversation you ask them what are you waiting for and they look at you with a blank face looking at you as if your nuts. The problem is that we want something but then we tell ourselves of all the things that could go wrong or what might not work out.

We fill our minds with all the negative things and its little wonder that we then don't take the leap of faith. If all you do is dream but you don't have the faith to believe then you aren't going to get anywhere. Sure quitting a job can be a leap of faith but why stay in a situation that you aren't happy with.

Instead of choosing one or the other why not start to make steps towards your dream of starting a business. The reality is that the right time to make your move is never going to arrive with a big sign with "Go For It" written on it. The right time to do anything was yesterday, the second best time is today. You never have any control over tomorrow, the only time you do have control is right now. If you have dared to dream and you dare to believe then what are you waiting for. Learn to realize that all great men and women who have ever achieved greatness weren't born great.

In fact many chose to just take the leap of faith and grew wings on the way down. You aren't ever going to be perfectly ready so why not just get started and learn as you go. You will find that learning practically in the real world situation will provide you with your greatest lessons in life that you would not be able to get anywhere else in books or theory.

You if you have a dream that you have the faith to believe in and you haven't taken the next step and done something about it then get started today. Write out what you want to see happen in 3 months from now, 6 months from now and 12 months from now. Picture the life you would like to have, what do you want to be doing and who will be in your life. Dare to dream big in this exercise and start writing down the first step that you need to take today.

Don't worry if you don't know all the steps to your goal, don't even worry if you don't know the step after the first one. There is power in motion and taking the first step can be a powerful stimulus to get your moving in the direction of your dreams. Start today.

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