Disaster After Disaster

Cathy and Wilson were a young couple with two small kids. They had just moved to the coastal region of Florida. They lived in a well constructed apartment building in a decent neighborhood.

They were very happy with their choice of residence and looked forward to enjoying the sunny life in Florida. They heard about the severe weather but figured it was just a part of living on the Florida peninsula. They had never experienced Hurricane type weather up close. They had witnessed the devastation on television. Still they knew nothing about the reality of the storms. About 8 months after they moved to Florida, a major Hurricane was announced.

People began evacuations, but many decided they would stay and ride the hurricane out. Cathy and Wilson were going to evacuate but were talked out of it by neighbors who were native to Florida. The storm grew closer and the people who remained, buttoned down the hatches and prepared to ride it out. Hurricanes being as unpredictable as they are sometimes grow in strength. This one increased in severity just before landfall and hit Florida with tremendous force.

They endured the wind and rain for hours. They were not sure exactly how much damage it was causing outside. The storm finally started to move on. The building they were in seemed to be in tact with very little damage.

When they got a glimpse of the outside they were knocked off their feet. There was water as far as the eye could see. Complete neighborhoods were washed away. There were people floating in boats.

Cathy and Wilson could not believe their eyes. It was like a war zone. The Hurricane did terrible damage. The worst was yet to come for the young couple. Wilson was starting to think about the desperate people who would be looking for provisions. Even worst the criminals roaming the streets.

With no security, he was getting very concerned for his family. They never really cared for owning firearms. The hurricane did not change their minds on that matter.

They knew they were stranded with very few provisions and no form of self defense. He even began to wonder how well he knew all the people in their building. After a disaster, survival is the upper most thought on every ones mind. The stress and suffering can turn rationale people into irrational beings. The basic essentials are food water, safety and security.

Without food and water, security and safety are useless. Without security and safety water and food are useless. After a disaster, you can expect little police and emergency service. They will be busy trying to prevent chaos. You will be own your own for a while.

You may encounter angry, thirsty and hungry people who will do just about anything to survive. You may also encounter the common criminals who are free to roam and cause havoc at will. Before disaster strikes, prepare an emergency kit. Without going into too much detail, include emergency rations, medicine, money, emergency tools and a way to defend yourself if necessary.

Remember crime will be at an all time high for lack of police protection. Be neighborly but be careful, because everyone will be trying to survive.

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