Dog Training How to Master the Walk

Training a pet is very hard work. It requires a lot of determination and persistence to make sure that whatever it is that you are trying to do get through to him. This article has in a way become a series because I strongly believe in what I am writing and what I am trying to get across to everyone that reads this. I believe in taking ownership of your pet and not simply getting rid of him because you can't take care of the problem that in most cases you created anyways.

I believe that when you get a pet and you want to him or she to be the best they can be it takes hard work and dedication to attain that goal instead of laziness. Owning a pet is hard work and takes time to have him act the way you see fit. One of the most basic yet most highly effective techniques to training a pet is to simply take him out for a walk.

It may seem very dumb that I say that a walk is all it takes but if each and every single one of you knew how significant a walk is to your pet than you would also agree with me. The walk is your chance to make sure that your pet knows that between you and him you are the pack leader and he is a member of that group; not the leader of the group itself. This is important that he knows this because if he doesn't know and he thinks that he is the leader there will be a clash between you and him and it is one of the main reasons why animals are sent away.

Owners don't understand that they are the root of the problem and not the pet. During the walk you need to make sure that you exude a calm and assertive attitude because dogs are highly sensitive to negative energy. When you walk your pet make sure you hold the leash in a way that gives you control over how he walks and how far he can travel. When he pulls make sure you are holding it with two hands.

There will be times where he starts to go ahead of you for whatever reason. Your job there is to snap him out of it not by pulling the leash up but by yanking it to the side. Pulling up only causes him to become stronger and go forward even faster. In my next article I want to cover more about this important activity that you and your pet need to engage in everyday for him to become a normal and submissive pet.

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