Domestic and Commercial Fridges

With the advances in technology our dependence on many a devices is increasing with each passing day. There are quite a few appliances and gadgets that have made their way into our daily lives and any household today is also a home to several gadgets, aimed to make our life a little easier. Among these utility products, a fridge as a daily appliance is quite indispensable and it also is, perhaps, the most widely used electronic product in the world today. It is not just a kitchen appliance. Fridges can make fashion statements also.

A well-chosen fridge adds to the touch of class in your room. There are a lot of criteria people look for when they consider buying a fridge. They look for how much total volume they need the proportion of freezer to fridge space they prefer, whether they would need a large or small crisper for vegetables, whether they would need a chiller for storing fresh fish, chicken and meat, what other features are wanted like glass shelves, dairy compartments or door alarms.

There are four different types of freezers sold in the market. These include the top freezer, the bottom freezer, the side-by-side and the built-in. Most customers, when shopping for fridges keep the size in mind. There are types of features to look for in a fridge. It may be defrosting type.

Some people also see whether the appliance is the water dispenser type or not. They also see whether they have an ice maker. They also look for the total capacity of a fridge. Again, there are four different sizes to choose from: the small (7 to 9.

9 cubic feet), the medium (10 to 13.9cubic feet), the large (14 to 19.9 cubic feet) and the extra large (20 to 29 cubic feet). When a person goes to look for a fridge he should be aware of the price and the various utilities the appliance will serve him. The energy rating of a fridge is an important consideration. People look for efficient models that help them to save energy.

The more stars and the lower the kWh per year the better. They also look for what type of warranty the fridge has. While buying a fridge a customer looks for size, type style, counter depth, etc. People sometimes also have to decide whether they need a double ?door fridges or single?door fridges.

Most fridges today are CFC?free. So no one goes to check those labels. It is feasible to look for a model that uses a hydrocarbon as the refrigerant.

Having the fresh food compartment on the bottom or the sides improves accessibility. You should first and foremost look into your personal requirement. You can go into the internet to help you decide more about the type of fridge you want to buy and what you require in your fridge. You can also gather information word of mouth from your acquaintances before you buy your much coveted refrigerator. You should be clear headed about your requirements.

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