Dont Set any Goals this New Year Without Applying the Rule

It's that time again — the time when people traditionally set resolutions for the New Year. Have you noticed, though, that setting long-term goals doesn't work? No matter how convicted you feel about your New Year's resolutions, the more rigidly you adhere to whatever goals you've set for yourself, the harder it will be to reach them. Why? Because the problem with goals is that they are made in the present, to be fulfilled in the future.

But the present is always changing. That means the future is always changing, too. So, if you've created a static goal for a future time in a dynamic and ever changing present, it's almost impossible to attain that goal. This is why, after the first couple of weeks of working toward your goal, setbacks often occur. Before you know it, you're off the mark, struggling to get back on task, wondering if you will ever reach your goal.

Not all is lost. Human beings aren't static, so why should their goals be? There is a way to meet your goals and to accomplish all that you have set out to achieve this New Year. The only thing is, it's different from what you're used to doing, and it will require setting aside your old way of setting goals. This new way of setting goals is what I call the 60-40 Rule.

The 60-40 Rule Never heard of the 60-40 rule? Well, now you have. The 60-40 rule states that, once you set a goal, 60% of your action is to be taken in the present; only 40% of your action is to be taken in the future. This rule does three things that the traditional way of setting goals does not: 1. It takes into account the dynamic, ever changing present that we all live in.

2. It sets the intention for your goal to be fulfilled. 3. It puts you in energetic vibration with prosperity and abundance, making manifestation of your goals just a matter of time. Of course, you can increase the percentage of action to be taken in the present to 70%, 80%, even 90%, or more. The higher the percentage of action in the now, the faster your goal will be reached.

However, there still has to be some percentage in the future — even if it's just 2%. After all, that's what makes it a goal. Still, anything less than 60% in the now makes your goal just a wish, a want, and a dream that may never be fulfilled.

Contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says it best: "There's nothing wrong with goals and trying to fulfill them — as long as the main focal point of your attention remains the present moment. It's like being on a journey and knowing where you want to get to, but realizing at the same time that the entire journey ultimately consists of one step — the step you're taking at this moment. That one step is all there ever is, and so you give it your fullest attention.

In other words, the step you're taking now is primary; the destination - the goal - is secondary. If the destination becomes primary, you will become stressed and anxious and you will miss life. You will suffer, and the destination will not make you happy even when you get there, when you attain your goals.

" Do yourself a favor this New Year. Don't waste your time setting goals if you aren't committed to spending 60% of your action toward your goal right now, in the red, hot present. Whether in business or in your personal life, set attainable goals that you know you can reach, rather than rigid, ultimatum-driven goals that are doomed from the start. Then, follow the 60-40 Rule to achieve them. Take 60% of your action toward your goal today with only 40% of your action remaining for the future.

Remember, you aren't static. Why should your goals be?.

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