Dont Take The Chance Get An Early Pregnancy Test

In many cases, getting an early pregnancy detection is absolutely essential and can not be understated. If you neglect to take an early pregnancy test, you may inadvertently stop your pregnancy, or worse, not stop your pregnancy but cause horrible complications or serious conditions to the fetus growing inside you. As Im sure you now realize, it goes without saying that getting an early pregnancy test, also known as an EPT, is a good idea if you suspect you are pregnant.

1. Before Medical Procedures If you have to undergo any medical or surgical procedures you will definately want to take an early pregnancy test the morning before the procedure. Even something as simple as an x- ray to examine a painful ankle can be dangerous if the woman requiring the x- ray is pregnant.

If there is the slightest possibility of pregnancy then the x- ray staff must be told so that precautions can be taken to protect the baby. For this reason, if she needs an x- ray, a woman should make sure she knows the date her last period started. 2.

If You Take Any Medications If a woman takes medication that is harmful to a fetus, and her period is one day late, then she needs to take a pregnancy test immediately. Early pregnancy detection in her case can mean her medication is changed without delay and that any possible harm to the baby averted. If a woman is trying to conceive, then she should have her medication changed prior to becoming pregnant in readiness for the pregnancy, but if the pregnancy happens without intent, then early pregnancy detection can save a lot of worry and potential harm from the drugs passing into the placenta. 3. If You Smoke Or Drink If you smoke or drink a lot, you may wish to take an early pregnancy test. It is so tragic to think about the mothers out there with malformed children who could have prevented it by simply purchasing a kit and spending ten minutes of their life using it.

If you smoke or drink, it is urged that you immediately and completely stop during the entire duration of your pregnancy. 4. If You Have Had Previous Miscarriages - By identifying the pregnancy very early, it is possible for her medical providers to monitor her pregnancy carefully - The first weeks are the most important - Prevent further miscarriage - An extra precaution.

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