Effective Time Management for Adults with ADD

One of the core principles of managing adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is learning how to work with it, instead of fighting against it. This means building on your strengths, not dwelling on your challenges, acknowledging your limits, and respecting your natural energy flow and biorhythms. And nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to managing your time for maximum effectiveness and productivity! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a drill sergeant when it comes to time management. But I think we all know that there are many challenges an ADDer faces when it comes to time management, like: - We're easily bored.

- We tend to procrastinate on large projects and dull tasks. - We can get so distracted that we forget what we're trying to accomplish. - And the stress and anxiety of falling behind or feeling unproductive can spin us into overwhelm! Rather than falling victim to these challenges, we can choose another option.

We can learn how to take into account our own personal traits, and develop time management systems that honor them. Whenever possible, try following these guidelines: 1. Determine the times of day that your energy levels are highest and lowest. Plan to do more complicated things when your energy levels are highest, and save the easier stuff for when your energy levels dip. For example, if you tend to feel droopy and tired after lunch, then find a better time to tackle that big report at work! 2.

Use systems and strategies that work for you. Don't compare yourself to everyone else, and don't try to conform to someone else's methods. The ways in which you approach your tasks might not make sense to anyone else, and they don't have to. For example, it doesn't matter if your spouse thinks you're nuts for doing laundry right before bed.

If you have energy to burn and the laundry needs to be done, knock yourself out! 3. Eliminate the distractions that you can control. There are tons of potential distractions that can side-track an ADDer. When it's time to buckle down and focus--at home, at work, or at school--take the time to remove whatever distractions you possibly can. For example: At school - avoid sitting next to the friend you can't help gossiping with. At work - shut down your email and Internet connections for a little while while you work on an important project.

At home - unplug the phone until you've finished that tedious but necessary chore that you hate so much. Don't give these distractions the opportunity to derail your success. Believe me, they'll be ready and waiting for you when the job is done! Remember, the most successful ADDers work with their ADD, not against it! Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Koretsky.

Jennifer Koretsky is the Founder of the ADD Management Group, Inc. and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD. Jennifer and her team work with ADD adults who are overwhelmed with everyday life in order to help them simplify, focus, and succeed. For free resources and information on adult ADD, visit .


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