Everything you need to know about Baby Wearing with My Baby Nest Wraps

By David Leonhardt and Corey Rozon "I use babywearing all the time. If I'm having trouble getting my son to sleep into the sling he goes and within 10 minutes he is sound asleep." What is Babywearing? Babywearing is a form of baby transport and is the practice of carrying your child in a sling or a cloth baby carrier. The technique is far from new and has been practiced for many years around the world. 1. Child nurturing - Babywearing makes for calmer babies because all of their basic needs are already being met.

The specific health benefits include better respiratory health, muscle tone and inner ear development. Also, since the baby is always staying close to the parent, he or she would be more exposed to the language being used, as well as the facial expressions. Children at a young age absorb new information very quickly; so the more that they are exposed to the real world while they are babies, the quicker they will develop. 2.

Strengthened emotional bond between parent and child - Wearing your baby provides a deeper emotional bond between child and parent because it satisfies the baby's natural need for closeness, touch and affection. Furthermore it has been found to help improve the condition of premature babies. 3. Reduction of post-partum depression - Babywearing helps reduce the risk of post-partum depression because it helps create an emotional connection and provides physical stimulation with the baby. Physically, it also creates lesser strain on your back and spine since the right baby carrier will provide adequate support for both. 4.

Practicality and ease - Babywearing offers a practical solution for mothers who need to juggle between taking care of a newborn baby and many of the other activities one has to do in the day. Additionally, nursing mothers who want to breastfeed their child in public can do so discreetly by using a baby sling. Additional health benefits for your child Aside from providing a more convenient lifestyle with your baby, there are a lot of additional health benefits for children who are carried.

There is a dramatic decrease in crying - babies who are carried cry 43% less than those who are left alone on their cribs. Babywearing is also a factor contributed to better and easier discipline for a child. Babies, who instantly bonded with their parents when they were carried, as infants are much easier to discipline, more secure with themselves, more trusting, sociable, considerate, affectionate and sensitive to others. Babywearing isn't a new advancement in babycare, it is actually a very old technology being implemented today. The emotional and health benefits for both baby and mother are so great that it is a wonder that babywearing is not more commonly known.

From strengthening the emotional bond between baby and parent, being a practical and easy way to keep your baby close, to the reduction of post-partum depression and increased child nurturing, you can't really afford not to use babywearing in your daily life.

David Leonhardt and Corey Rozon are website marketing specialists in Ottawa.
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