Family Memories Preserved in Photographs

You may remember when the members of your entire family would put on their best clothes and have their photographs taken by a professional photographer. As a child, you probably suffered through your parents' concern and close attention to the details of your attire, and everyone put up with the boredom and tension of posing for the annual family photo. While these memories may not always be pleasant, these events contributed to the person you are today.

Let's face it. No matter how much we may want to avoid the family photo event, it is not possible to do so. Children never like the process, which involves wearing uncomfortable clothes and putting on a fake smile, but parents have a completely different view of the situation. Parents want to have good family photos so they can capture the time that goes by too quickly. Having a family photo is one way people have of keeping the joyous memories of their past. The family photo event may be especially traumatic for teenagers, who generally have no appreciation for these photos, and who are likely to feel somewhat embarrassed about their appearance in general.

They would rather not call attention to it at all, let alone make a record of it! Putting on clothing that they would never wear in real life for some unexplained reason seems like such a hassle to teens. Parents, however, have a real appreciation for the family photo. They feel it should be a yearly event so that stages of their children's lives, and their own, can be captured on film to look at and share for years to come. Many families take regular photos of their children and other relatives year-round to make a record of special events. Some children even like to have their pictures taken, especially when they are younger.

It is surprising how little time has to pass before families really appreciate the photos they took. Time passes quickly, and if there is no record of it in photographs, it is easy to forget everyday moments and even the special times like holidays. It is a good idea to try to preserve these memories because the times will not come back. Life moves fast, and action must be taken to preserve a record of its passing. Most people say that they would save their family photos in cases of emergencies. The photos are the first things taken out of a house that is threatened by fire or flood.

This is because everyone recognizes that family photos are the possessions that cannot be replaced. It may even be a good idea to keep copies of family photos in a central location like a box or chest, so that they can be grabbed quickly if an emergency occurs. It is critical to protect these records of events with loved ones that can't be replaced.

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