Federal Consolidation Student Loan For A TroubleFree Student Life

To make student life a trouble-free phase with only education as the main concern rather than monetary problems, there are various student loans available these days that are supported by the federal government. The federal consolidation student loan program will consolidate together all the loans of the student into a single student consolidation loan and reduce the hassle of payment to multiple lenders. This will also save the money of the student and help him concentrate specifically on his studies. Learn More About Federal Consolidation Student Loan The support of the federal government permits a student to extend his terms of payment.

In case an individual has indebted Stafford loans, he or she has a variable rate of interest, which is adjusted annually. If he opts for consolidation, the student has an alternative to lock it at a lower interest rate along with various offers that will not charge any fee. There are several financial institutions providing this federal consolidation student loan and the student can simply choose the best among them. Sallie Mae, one of the government institutions, claims to make available the best rates possible for student loans. If the rates of the loans of a student are variable and he has completed his graduation, the grace period granted for consolidation is six months.

In case the candidate is unable to lock the amount in the grace period, the interest rate is increased for him or her. Like each consolidation loan option, the federal consolidation student loan does have a drawback. It gives the student an option to lower his monthly payments by increasing the time limit, which ultimately increases the total amount that has to be paid. The repayment of federal consolidation student loans can be of two types - income repayment and graduated repayment. In the former, the repayment is decided on the basis of the income of the students. That is to say, repayment is increased with the increase in income.

On the other hand, in graduated repayment, initially the amount of the payment is low, and is increased at regular intervals as specified by the concerned lender.

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