Fill Your Freezer To Serve Family Favorites Anytime

Think freezers are just for ice cream? Think again! One of the best investments a busy family on the go can possibly make is a big freezer. This seemingly simple device can serve as a way to bring an entire family together. It can also help the two-working parent family ensure everyone eats healthy, balanced meals.

So, what are freezer recipes? These are simply recipes for favorite entrees, desserts and side dishes that have the ability to freeze well. In actuality, almost any dinner, side and dessert you enjoy cooking can freeze fairly well for at least a short period of time. The advantages to making more and freezing are great, especially for those who are too busy to cook during the week. Rather than feed your family from a sack, set aside a few hours on the weekends to cook up a storm and then freeze the end results for meals later in the week.

Doing this can get the entire family in the act on "cooking day," too. Imagine having everyone help. The kids can stir ingredients while dad does the chopping and you supervise the cooking and freezing process. This can quickly become a lazy Sunday afternoon ritual that brings everyone together to make their favorite dishes. Getting started requires a little planning, but overall filling your freezer with homemade bounty is a lot easier than you may expect.

Here are some ideas: * Before you jump in the first week make sure you have plenty of room to store frozen foods. It's also a very good idea to make sure you have plenty of frozen food storage containers. If you're planning on making individual serving packs for the freezer, get smaller containers. If you'd like to freeze entire family-style meals, larger ones will suffice. * Get labels! This can't be stressed enough.

Make sure you clearly label each entrée and side. Put dates on them, too. Pull out the oldest first as you cook to eat. * Create a menu and shop accordingly. Running to the store to buy a week's worth of entrees and sides to make on a Sunday and not knowing what you want will likely result in a mess.

Plan it carefully before you go. In general just about any food you can think of can be used as a freezer recipe. With a little planning you can have an entire week or more of meals stored up in the freezer just ready to be put in the microwave at the end of a busy day. The advantages to this are great, plus by cooking everything at once, you save time and energy in the kitchen and you could enlist the entire family to help, which is great for quality time coupled with a valuable job.

No one wants to eat fast food seven nights a week. With a few hours on a weekend or weeknight set aside for mass cooking, you can say goodbye to sack dinners forever.

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