Goals Are Damaging

Can you relate to setting goals and not achieving them? Have you ever been frustrated by trying to set goals when you know in your heart that you will never reach them? You even say to yourself, Who am I kidding? I will never accomplish this goal. That is why I am here to tell you that goals are truly damaging for your future, because you beat yourself up over never reaching those goals and eventually just give up. On the other hand, goals are very important. Do not let me confuse you with this just read this carefully.

Goals are imperative when you have a strong Why in place. Let us parallel this to a ten-story glass building that is shiny and beautiful to the eye. It towers over the city and creates the skyline. Now let us imagine that the building was built by a group of amateur carpenters in one day and had a poor foundation. It looked very nice, but was not solid.

One day a little bird flew smack into that building, and guess what happened? That little, tiny sparrow knocked down that massive building that looked amazingly strong and powerful from the outside. Why? The foundation was pathetic, and there were no true roots to hold that building in place. No one paid the price for that building to hold its own in the real world despite how it looked to the average person. Let us tie that into your goals. Your Why is your foundation and your roots.

What is a Why? It is simply your purpose for living and your ultimate goal in life. Your Why must be stronger and bigger than you are right now! You must internalize your Why and know exactly Why you do what you do everyday to reach your goals. Too many people have set the goals of making a lot of money.

Can you relate to that? Have you ever set the goal of making a certain amount of money in a month, and then at the end of the month you have not made a dime more? Here is the reason why. You must know Why you want to earn that amount of money for that month. It is not the money that drives you. It is your Why! What are you going to do with that money? Pay your car payment, donate it to your church, buy your child a new toy.

Why have you set that financial goal for that month? Another thing, you should never set a goal of making a certain amount of money in a month. Instead, after you know Why you are setting that financial goal, then set a goal of EARNING that money not MAKING that money. Remember, no one paid that price for that beautiful ten-story building, and it fell. You must be willing to pay the price and EARN your way to your goal.

Let us go over this again. Goals are damaging to your future. If you do not have your Why in place, then you have no foundation to support you as you head down your success path to completing that goal. Without that foundation, you will give up and be discouraged from ever setting goals for yourself again.

It does not matter what type of goal. Physical, financial, social. You must know Why you are going pay the price to achieve that goal. If not, then that goal could damage your life instead of assisting you in ultimately achieving success that you have always dreamed about.

Commit today to develop your Why before setting any more goals! Let me share 3 questions with you that will help you Find Your Why. 1.If you did not have to worry about finances or going to your job on Monday morning, then what would you do? 2.If you had so much money that you had to give it away, what would you do with it? Who would you give it to and why? 3.

Do you enjoy life? If so, why? If not, then why not? Remember, your past does not control you! Your future should drive you, because you see yourself successful! After you develop your Why and set your goals, you will encounter obstacles and challenges like that little bird that hit that huge building. If your Why is strong enough, then unlike that building you will stand firm against whatever tries to stop you from achieving that goal. You will not be knocked down! Remember, goals are damaging if you do not have a foundational Why in place. I challenge you today to ask yourself those three questions, develop your Why and then set your goals. Action creates results.

Two of the most phenomenal success habits are failures. Every habit is successful because it produces a result. If you believe that something produces a result, is it successful? Absolutely. Except the two top habits of failures are indecision and procrastination.

How many people say and think, What if Only if. I should have. Oh man, I do not know? That is called indecision and procrastination. Inside indecision and inside procrastination, inside indecision is decision and inside procrastination is action and inside each one of you is a Champion.

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