Halloween Costume Baby Shower Theme for a Halloween Baby

Invitations As with any other baby shower, your Halloween Costume themed baby shower requires invitations. Think about using Halloween party invitations or making your own custom design. Donning Halloween Costumes Since this is a Halloween-themed party, be sure to remind people to come in costume! If you would like, you could also impose guidelines, such as asking your guests to wear baby-themed costumes.

You can also consider giving out simple costume accessories (like eye patches or princess tiaras) for the guests who may not normally dress up for the Halloween season. Halloween-Inspired Decorations Decorations are another must for any celebration. Of course, with a Halloween-themed baby shower, you will want to apply more traditional Halloween trim. Look for black and orange streamers and balloons to decorate the room.

You can also layout traditional Halloween props like witches, black cats, ghosts, and skeletons. To keep with the baby topic, consider using black kittens and baby ghosts as part of your decorations. Enjoyable Games Many traditional baby shower games can be done with a Halloween spin to them or you can take Halloween games and put a baby spin on them.

For example, try bobbing for instead of bobbing for apples. Play a memory game using Halloween accessories on the tray as well as baby ones. Mark your baby Bingo cards with orange and black crayons.

You can even do things like decorate a baby shirt with a Halloween design. Consider giving party goers different sized baby onesies (so you will have one for now and ones to use in the years to come) to draw their own pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats on them. Fun Gifts If this is a shower for a second, third, or more baby (one where it is more about getting together than mom actually wanting baby supplies), you could challenge guests to bring the most creative Halloween gifts for baby. This can be everything from baby costumes and Halloween clothing to decorations to hang in the child's room.

Halloween-Inspired Favors Since retailers are full with trick-or-treat goodies, finding favors to send home with guests should be relatively easy. Consider getting mini treat buckets to fill with treats or Halloween-themed gift bags. Thank You Notes As the recipient of the party, mother-to-be will need to send out thank you cards for all the gifts received.

An easy way to make this chore easier for mom (who may not have much free time in the upcoming days) is to have guests address their envelopes while they are there (you can even have them address two if mom is planning on sending out birth announcements). Consider using Halloween cards as your thank you cards to keep in the Halloween spirit. While it may sound a little unusual, a Halloween Costume themed baby shower can be an enjoyable way to integrate costumes and Halloween fun into the traditional baby shower routine. Your party will definitely be recalled for some time to come!.

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