Happiness And Your Thoughts

Happiness: the elusive life ingredient we all seek and only find when letting go of the need to have it. The need to be happy versus the act of being happy in the moment is the great balancing act of a life time. Giving thanks for the beauty of all things and merging your limitless, infinite self with that beauty; seeking God/ess as energy that flows through everything brings the moment, the here and now, into focus.

A true sage believes in nothing other than the sacredness and beauty of all, rooted in the moment, in the special potential of each new day. The true sage lives in the spontaneity of energy that encompasses the physical and spiritual worlds. She does not defend or judge. She accepts the way of people including restriction and strife.

If she truly believes she is part of the Power Source (which is God/ess), and if she can view her life and the lives of others impartially, and if she can allow everyone their reality without judgment, then she notices that her energy becomes more infinite. As the true sage steps into this other dimension of power, beyond her circle of influence (friends and family) she learns to bend reality to suit her needs. She learns that unseen forces in the form of angels, guides and ancestral wisdom is hers if she remembers to call on this power in times of need. The spiritual challenge is to practice controlling the energy she has and to gradually discard the ones that pull her into negative states. Now imagine you are the sage expressed here in this story!! All good things exist and are waiting for you to wake up and declare your union with this power.

Wake up in this sphere of infinite blessing! You do not need permission to be One with All!! All you need is the simple courage to say "Include Me!!" and work on drawing more and more from this pool of infinite energy to fuel your boundless spirit!! As you work on energizing your being with this energy, doors will open for you. People will feel your heightened energy and will seek you out. The ones repelled by your energy will suddenly and abruptly disappear without any need to control this on your part in the least.

Call forth the courage to own your power, the same power that flows through all things. By facing your fear with courage, fear is automatically transcended. Write down 10 things you want more than anything else.

Imagine that you have them now. Create a battle plan that delineates your path to each goal. Avoid all irrelevant sidetracks.

No one will ever give you permission and no one will ever thank you. You are doing what you must do, driven by the energy of inner guidance. You must live your life like a warrior and breathe in every single ambition. If you are half hearted, the Universe will respond in fits and starts. If you lack courage, the energy around you lacks vitality.

If you falter, the Universal Law falter around you. Perseverance allows you to hold on while Universal Spirit delivers. The way to develop dedication to your life Destiny (the why of what you are here to do), is to become fiercely dedicated to your self. This means concentrating on your needs, concentrating on those projects that give you pleasure and taking the time to acknowledge that you are here on the earth plane to develop your own evolution and nothing else. As you begin to see your life as a manifestation of energy, you will find that your best work is in consciousness. This means that as you think and feel and indicate what it is you want in thought, reality is transformed around you.

Eventually you will perceive only the dimensions of your own creations which are beautiful and infuse your cells with happiness. Link the positive energy to the Eternity you feel in your soul. Celebrate each success from day to day, however small. Each small success leads to personal triumph. Every task is part of your heroic quest for transformation. As you take time to honor each success, you experience power in a world where most do not.

Breathe in the fresh air near an old growth tree. Experience the diminishing physical world while the infinite world within you expands. The choice is yours: whether to look at the world from a finite egocentric view and see mayhem and disaster and say: " This is terrible," or choose to look at it from the infinite view and see the beauty that exists in the learning process.

Negativity provides the opportunity to be more God/ess-like and heroic provided we do not resist the lessons waiting to be imparted to us. Take a benign view of the world and detach from mankind's violent history. This allows the negativity laid down over the years to lesson, allowing you to transcend history. The Light Force will permeate your thoughts.

Develop your own philosophy. Do not look to others for approval. When you express your own individuality, you free yourself. True happiness is the result!!.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator of the e-book called "Transform Your Nursing Career and Discover Your Calling and Destiny." Click here to find out how to order the e-book: Check Out Kate's Blog: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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