How can makeup Benefit your Ego

It has long been said that 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', but to be honest, it also lies in some well practiced make up tricks and cutting edge cosmetics. Today's new make-up has flooded the fashion and beauty industry and is in fact a growing world wide billion dollar industry. The right make-up application can work miracles for a woman's looks not to mention her self esteem. If you need a confidence booster just head straight to your nearest department store for a complete make over from one of the well known cosmetic lines Make-up adds just the right color and definition to the face and can highlight your best features as well as disguising facial imperfections. Admittedly, one may be blessed with the best of features yet with the benefit of make-up there is always room for improvement.

Make- up has been worn by women as an adornment since the times of Cleopatra and has been used by each generation of women to attract the opposite sex as well as enhance their natural beauty. Choosing the right level of coverage and color in your foundation will act as the basis for the entire make up application that will follow, just as a painter chooses the correct canvas and color hues to begin his masterpiece. The right foundation can smooth an uneven texture of skin and help camouflage any tell tale blemishes. Concealer may also be used to disguise any sallow skin or dark under eye circles.

Blush in the form of cream, gels, and pressed power can be used to accentuate cheekbones and add a rosy or bronzed tone to otherwise pale skin tone. Your eyes are the mirror to your soul and also the focal point of your face. When you line your eyes with dark and smoldering shades of eye color you can express your feelings without even speaking a word. Define the natural shape and color of your eyes by using expressive colors of eye shadow and eye liners. Like fine delicate lace your eyelashes can be well defined with deft strokes of mascara while sparse eyebrows can be better outlined with brow pencils. Lip pencils, lip plumper's, lipsticks and shimmering lip gloss can give definition and give even the thinnest of lips that ripe full look that is so popular and sought after right now.

In the past the words make-up and good for your complexion were seldom spoken in the same sentence, however in the last 10 years the cosmetic industry has begun to create their products with the consumers health in mind. Most products are put through stringent chemical and animal free testing before they reach the store shelves they are usually hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and many popular make-up lines are moving towards creating their products with natural and organic ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin and offer some degree of sun block in the form of SPF protection for your skin. As we all know it is impossible to turn back time, but with todays scientific technology in the form of natural age defying, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging make-up products it is possible to keep them guessing longer. From your perfectly pedicured toes to the top of your well conditioned head of hair it's easy to keep your youthful glow thanks to the benefits of make-up and anti-aging shin care that come in the form of fine lotions and potions that will keep you smooth and supple looking. Most makeup products have been shown to improve the skin's elasticity and reduce the tell tale signs of aging leaving the well made up women feeling beautiful through all the seasons of her life.

So the next time your wondering "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all,?" You just might say 'Thank you' to the great benefit of make up that help enhance and preserve your natural beauty.

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