How to Choose a Good Baby Name

Anyone who hears about the arrival of a baby is curious to know about his/her name. Name is the word which the baby hears the most in his/her lifetime. So, the name you give is the most precious gift.

Name is believed to influence the behavior of a person too. Listed here are usual criteria followed while naming.
1) Faith
2) Belief
3) Suitability
4) Simplicity
5) Uniqueness
6) Bonding with parents
7) Passion
8) Future in mind.

9) In remembrance of.
10) Rhyming

1) Faith: This criteria is being followed since our ancestors. This includes naming babies based on names of God. You can choose names from Lalitha Sahasranama or Vishnu Sahasranama.
2) Belief: Some people believe in different things like numerology and astrology.

Choosing a name based on this gives a positive energy to them.
3) Suitability: Whenever one hears a name, they tend to relate it to the person. As the name is given at the birth and as no one can predict the nature of the baby later in his life, if the name is after a virtue, the suitability of name remains as a mystery until the baby grows up. But, if the baby is named after physical qualities, suitability of the name matters a lot. That is to say that if the baby is of darker complexion, do not go for a name like sweta meaning fair or if the baby is fair, do not go for Shyam meaning dark.

4) Simplicity: The name should be easy to pronounce by all relatives and friends. You never know where the baby will land up later in his life. People in the other part of the world should also be able to call your dear one.

Hence simplicity of the word plays a major role.
5) Uniqueness: There are so many names in Indian Culture, finding a unique name is not a complex job. But make sure that the name itself is not complex.
6) Bonding with Parents: Children make their parents even more closer. As you want to make a close knit family, try to relate your names with your baby??s if possible.

Like if they start with the same letter, you can search for good name starting with same letter. Or if Ritika and Bharat have to name their baby boy, they can choose Rishabh.
7) Passion: Parents name their kids based on their passion. Like if they like music, they would name her Shruthi.
8) Future in mind: Parents usually want their kids to be what they always dreamt of being and could not be. Whatever virtues you would like to see in them later in their life is given as a name, like if you want them to be fearless, choose a name like Abhay or Nirbhay.

9) In remembrance of.: Babies are named in remembrance of a close relative or friend who is no more. Also, some like to give the name of a person who has inspired them. For instance, it is very common to see many people with names of freedom fighters.
10) Rhyming: If the baby to be named is not your first child, then you can go for a rhyming name.

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