How To Design A Life Of Success

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all while others seem to work hard and struggle through existence. If you were to ask those that are successful what was their secret, inevitably every one of them will tell you that their secret was the fact that they had definable and concrete goals of which they pursued with gusto. We've all heard this a million times as to how important goals are and yet many of us still fail to utilize this amazing tool at our disposal. Having goals written on paper will actually enable you to empower your life and to design the life you have always wanted. A great story I heard once was of an 80 year old who in his early 20's wrote out his life goals. He sat down and wrote them in his notebook and had in all 101 life goals.

While he added and removed some during the course of his lifetime he nonetheless always had his notebook of his life goals. As he journeyed through life he would always review his goals consistently and as he completed each goal he wrote a short journal entry of the date and a few notes of what happened. When he was asked why he was so successful he always referred back to his book of goals and at the age of 80 he had now managed to complete much of his 101 goals that he had. The secret you ask? The secret was merely having definable dream goals written down and having the conviction to review them regularly. By reviewing his goals regularly he was imprinting in his mind what he wanted to focus on, what was most important to him and he would make choices throughout his day that was congruent to what he wanted.

If you want to live a full and successful life then you need to start your own book of goals. By a simple notebook or journal from your local bookstore. Set aside a block of time to sit down and write out every goal you ever want to achieve in this lifetime. You don't have to be realistic, in fact write your goals as if you were a kid and anything was possible. You will find that coming up with 101 goals will be harder than you think but stick to it. This is not going to be set in concrete, as time goes by you will undoubtedly remove some goals and add some goals.

But the idea of sitting down and writing 101 goals is to challenge yourself to be creative. Once you have your goals start thinking about them and imprinting them at the forefront of your mind. You will be surprised at how often you come across situations and people that will be able to help you on your path to completing a goal.

The universe has a mysterious way of giving you what you want when you actually know what it is. So get excited and start ticking of each goal as you complete them.

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