How to Detect Common Illnesses In Dogs

Caring for a dog doesn't merely involve buying a comfy and stylish dog bed, throwing some toys together and stocking up on his favorite foods. Caring for a dog also involves looking after his health, which extends beyond getting him vaccinated in time, and taking him to the vet when he falls ill. As a dog owner it's always advisable that you observe your dog, watch what he eats and look out for little signs that he may be ill. Look out for these small signs of an illness, and take appropriate measures. Loss of Appetite Dogs that are being switched from one type of food to another might refuse food.

This is normal, and can be gotten around a little by offering a small amount of his previous food, and thestn decreasing the quantity till he gets used to his new diet. In some dogs however, a loss of an appetite could be the result of some deadly viral infection. Even an intestinal blockage or injury of any sort can cause a dog to skip meals.

Before this refusal to eat begins to cause serious problems to his health like dehydration and fatigue, consult a doctor to rule out any major causes. Don't assume it's just a phase and he will grow out of it. Remember to use an elevated dog feeder for a tall dog. Make sure he gets plenty of rest by getting him an orthopedic dog bed for extra cushioning and support. Diarrhea and Vomiting Again dogs who are changing foods might suffer from a little diarrhea, and this is a perfectly natural reaction to the change in diet. But if you notice diarrhea or difficulty in passing stools, your dog might have eaten something that didn't agree with him, like garbage.

If the diarrhea continues for a couple of days, it can cause dehydration and fatigue. If the diarrhea doesn't stop within a few hours, take the dog to your vet immediately. Bloat If you notice your dog walking with a strange gait, with his back arched up and his stomach distended. He may have what is commonly known as bloat. This condition tends to occur more frequently in dog breeds with longer bodies like Great Danes, German Shepherds and Irish Setters. When smaller sized dogs are fed in elevated bowls, they tend to gulp air in along with food causing this condition.

Bloat can be fatal if left untreated, and if you noticed the above symptoms and observe your dog acting anxious and fidgety, take him to a vet immediately.

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