How To Enjoy More Of Your Life

If your life were a movie, how would you go about changing it, making the plot more amenable to your interests and pleasures? At first this may seem like a hopeless quest, but when you look behind the scenes, you will see a simple and elegant answer. Your life is like a total immersion movie. In a regular movie, you sit in a seat away from the unfolding drama, and you can always look away or even leave if you are bored or angry.

In your life, you are in the movie, and it takes a momentum of its own, where all the other actors work to create some kind of reaction within you. While you may often feel that the way the entire story line is unfolding is not what you want at all, a little insight will show you that not only are you the main actor, but also the producer. In fact, you also finance it. The quality of the scenes depends on your budget and how you manage it.

In other words, your experiences are both a projection of your mind and an interpretation of your mind. In this movie, most actors have forgotten that they are in a virtual movie because they can never leave or take a break from it. This results in some really superb acting, and everybody appears to be very serious about what they say and do, even if, as often happens, the scene is quite comical.

However, at times, you and others weary of the intensity and try to break away from a scene by moving to a new town, divorcing your spouse, avoiding your friends, wrecking revenge on your enemies, or getting drunk, taking drugs, sleeping a lot, or making yourself sick. These strategies of escapism seldom work, because before you know it, you're back where you started, finding yourself still stuck with all the wrong people in all the wrong places. No matter how hard you try to get away from it all, it happens all over again. The scene may have shifted and the faces changed but you find that after the novelty has worn off you're actually faithfully reenacting exactly the same plot. After less than a decade on this planet, it gets very confusing what you are making happen and what appears to be happening to you. The momentum of each shifting scene and the impact of each new actor on it may even make you wonder if you have not been entirely swallowed up by the movie and have no real say on what happens next.

Sometimes you even beg the invisible producer to give you a break. What is particularly irksome is the lack of any really good answers on how to solve any problem, even the simplest ones. And after awhile, this can drive you nuts. You find that you either get no straight answers to your questions or so many that you can't figure out which one is the right one.

You, then, make a decision based on desperation and end up with the plot getting increasingly thick and foreboding. In this movie analogy, is there any chance that you can redo everything and have a shot at living a fulfilling life, where love, money, hope, and moments of pure abandon are possible? The answer, surprisingly is "yes." In fact, a resounding "yes!" It is surprising because not many people talk about how to get out of the actor role and slip behind the scenes and make some necessary adjustments. The way you do this is to slip into the projection room. This place is in your own mind. Inside this room, you will find a white light that is projecting all your experiences onto the screen.

This white light is consciousness. This white light appears to dutifully project all the images that you are holding in front of it. You can't really do much with the white light but you can change the images, and when you do, your entire movie show changes as well. How it changes depends on the new images you select.

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