How to Make Sure Your Baby is Safe

After the weeks it may take for your new baby to begin to sleep for more than 3 hours, a baby monitor will prove to be a valuable tool in caring for your infant and yourself. By placing a baby monitor in close proximity to the baby crib, it can transmit the sounds in the baby nursery clearly, if you are using an audio baby monitor. If you are using an audio/video baby monitor, you will be able to see and hear your baby even in low lighting. Using a Baby Monitor for Safety Beside the usual things that occur with babies, unfortunately, there are some sobering facts about infant mortality that have provided very powerful lessons that should be heeded.

Infants are at once extremely resilient and fragile. Some accidents suffered by infants, were caused by poor design in baby cribs and led manufacturers to narrow the space between the slats that are a common feature. Makers of baby bedding are now using natural fiber materials. But beyond baby nursery furniture and baby bedding, the way we view the environment of the baby crib has also changed. New mothers are advised to put their babies to bed on their back to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and to remove any pillows or extra blankets from the baby crib once their child becomes physically active to prevent suffocation. A video baby monitor can give you that extra measure of security by being able to view your baby from a distance.

If you are parent of more than one child, installing video baby monitors throughout their area of activity can give both of you some creative space. Finally, as your child grows and becomes aware of the baby monitor, they will feel more secure knowing that you are able to hear them if they need you. Two-way baby monitors will allow you to talk to your child while you are preparing food in the kitchen or washing their baby bedding. Baby Monitors are an Important Part of the Baby Nursery It has only been a few years since baby monitors were introduced to the marketplace. Today, more mothers-to-be are including them on their baby gift registries and with the selection of baby monitors growing, the back seat baby monitor is one of the more unique baby gifts.

You can find both wired and wireless baby monitors for use in any situation or environment. Between the excitement of a new baby and all the major furniture choices you will have to make, a baby monitor will make it a little bit easier to be a parent.

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