How to Pursue Your Purpose in Life

Everybody longs for a purpose in this life. Philosophers have brainstormed on the meaning of life and have arrived at different answers. Good people love to do good deeds and help others in need. Even seemingly evil people know how to achieve their purpose. In some cases, having a negative purpose is better than having none at all.

If you do not know your purpose, you are simply breathing in and breathing out. Existence. That is all you ever have. You do not have a meaningful life. Living is way different from existing! In pursuing your purpose, you need to determine where your passions lie. In doing so, you can know where to focus your energies and not waste time trying to do and achieve everything all at once.

Life is too short to achieve everything, not to mention, it is physically impossible to achieve every single thing that you put your mind to. This is why you need to rediscover your passions since these will point you to your purpose. Go back to your childhood dreams. Although much has changed since your childhood days, your dreams are still there buried somewhere inside your heart. There may be a lot of things that have covered it. But if you truly engage yourself in digging more deeply in your heart, you will find out that those dreams are still intact even if they have been transformed through the years.

List down the people you admire. The people you admire and treat as role models also play an important role for you to rediscover your passions. Although these people may be very different from who you are, they have qualities and traits that are mirrored in you. After all, the people that you would come to admire are people who share some traits with you.

Understand what your skills and talents are. Your education through the classroom, through the books that you have read, and the experiences you went through molded you into who you are now. Along the way, you have also picked up skills and talents that help you deal with the things that you want to do and accomplish. By taking note of these skills and talents, you are creating an inventory of tools that you will bring with you in the journey to your purpose. Finally, you should understand that the journey is the purpose.

Even if you achieve what your heart has been longing for, the journey will mold you and create changes in your heart.

The One Question is a website that helps people discover their purpose in life. It discusses the meaning of life and lets you find yours.


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