How to tie a tie what you need to know

Ties are very important in our professional life, especially in men. If you want to want a good professional life, knowing how to tie a tie and learning the right steps to tie a tie is not an option. Famous author Oscar Wilde once said that a well tied tie is the first ever serious step one can make in life. Years may have passed since then, but the importance of ties still holds true even today. A good looking necktie still embodies style, professionalism and maturity.

Despite its size, a tie is in fact the most expressive article in a man's wardrobe. It reveals your personality to a great extent. If you do not know how to a tie yet, now is the right time to learn the proper steps to tie a tie.

Sooner or later, you will have to get a job interview or even get a job that will require you to wear a tie everyday. There have been many attempts to do away with ties in the recent years. They have incorporated and enforced what they call as the corporate casual attires. Surprisingly though, ties have continued to persist and corporations still find themselves preferring the tie with the suit over any other kind there is. This trend is expected to continue for a very long time, as it has for hundreds of years now. The steps to tie a tie are pretty basic.

You do not need to have an IQ of over 120 to learn how to tie a tie. It is as simple as tying a shoelace. Once you know the basic steps to tie a tie, you never really forget how to do it.

An all too familiar line that summarizes the basic steps to tie a tie goes like this: "Put fatty over thinny, bring fatty around again, bring fatty through the loop and tuck him down the drain." Sound pretty simple to remember, right? This rhyme has helped a lot of mothers teach their sons how to tie a tie, and so has it helped many boys get through their tie knots in the prom and on graduation day. However, as you approach your professional career, it is time that you learn advanced ways of how to tie a tie. Yes, there is actually more than one way to fix a tie.

In fact, there are about a hundred of them, or even more! To mention a few, there is the Windsor knot, which is the most classic and widely-used of them all, the Pratt knot, the "Four in Hand Knot" (also very common) and the Half Windsor, not to mention the different steps when knotting a bow tie. The point that you need to understand so far is that it is very important to know how to tie a tie. It will help you in your future career and profession. A well-knotted tie can give you the look of confidence and determination that you need for a bright future. Go on and learn the steps now.

With the rate of how time flies, tomorrow might just be a little too late.

Learning how to tie a tie now will definitely help you in your future professional career. Today is a good time for knowing the right steps to tie a tie. For more information on tie wearing and detailed instructions on tying different kinds of tie knots, please visit our site.


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