Inexpensive Ideas for Bonding With Children Through Kite Flying

These days, its often hard to find activities to excite kids that dont revolve around computer or video games. Good old-fashioned family bonding activities can be surprisingly simple and inexpensive to do.

Flying and making kites with children can be a very rewarding experience. With many different options to cater for children young and old, kites are a great way to get active outdoors. Flying kites and makes for a fun day and a wonderful bonding experience.

Single Line Kites

A single line kite is the most suitable choice for younger kids.

With only one piece of string controlling the kite, a single line kite, once airborne, floats through the air with the breeze, needing little guidance or skill to maneuver. You can also buy kites of the single line variety in bright colors and patterns, and also novelty kites like animals, fairies, or Disney characters. A single line kite bought from a kite store also makes a great kite gift.

Sport Kites

A sport kite, or stunt kite, gives kite flyers a taste of what the professionals use. The kites of choice for competitions, sport kites are normally a triangular delta shape and have two control lines.

Nimble and acrobatic, many hours of fun can be had perfecting tricks and patterns. A sport kite as a gift for an older child is a great idea. A kite supplies store is the best place to buy kites such as sports kites and will be able to advise on the right kite for a childs age and skill level.

Power Kites and Kite Buggies

Even hard to impress teenagers can get in on the kite bonding experience. Kite buggies are tri-wheeled purpose built vehicles that are pulled by a power kite.

Kite buggies are designed for use over flat surfaces, like a beach or other wide, open areas. The driver sits in the single seat in the middle of the kite buggy and steers, accelerates, and slows down by maneuvering the power kite.

Not for the faint-hearted, these kite buggies can reach 70mph meaning that appropriate supervision is required.

Power kites and kite buggies are readily available from most kite stores nationally. If you buy kites and buggies for a kite gift ensure the recipient has had previous kite flying experience.

Handmade Kites

Kids love making practical use of creations they have made themselves. Creation kites give kids the opportunity to decorate functional kites themselves with markers, pens, and colored pencils and then set their creations free to sail in the breeze. Making a kite from scratch is a great chance to bond with kids and encourage their creativity. Giving a handmade kite as a gift is the ultimate personal present and with the right kite supplies its easy.


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