Intuitive Magic The Magic Carpet Ride

Imagine a life where doors open for you automatically, opportunities abound, you regularly receive benevolent hunches, you find the love of your life by synchronistic "accident" and your income increases exponentially as you busily go about the task of doing the work you love! "Wow! How do I get such a life," you might ask? The answer lies by living in your Intuitive Magic. A client recently came to me. He was concerned about the success of his talented son. His son was the top in the state for a popular sport. It was getting to a time when his son would be making critical choices about next steps and coaches.

My client wanted to know which coach he should choose and the right teams he should take to ensure success. Spirit answered in an interesting way. Spirit said his son should guard against becoming insecure, because with insecurity he would tend to become overly aggressive on the court to compensate and thus fumble. With insecurity his son would over play the game. With security he would wait for the "plays" to come to him and then attack. Success did not lie in a correct coach or team.

It lied in a correct attitude. Do you over play the game of life? Do you believe you'd lose if you waited for the plays to come to you? Do you think confidently being yourself is a quaint concept, but certainly not a powerful vehicle for success? Do you let your ego fearfully run the show because you have no inner strength guiding you? The more authentic you are, the more you become your soul. This is true power. When you live as your soul, you take on the Intuitive Magic the soul has within it. You become as spirit, with all the power, magic, intuition, and expanded sensory tool set to propel you to meteoric success. As well living as your soul allows you to clearly emit your unique powerful vibration, attracting your equivalents.

When you are escaping your true nature you have difficulty attracting abundance because your note is weak. Start living as your soul by listening to your heart center more and acting on it. Follow your feelings.

Eliminate toxins and addictions. Become aware of who you are and act on it. Some steps to live as your soul are: 1. Take time to "smell the roses.

" Did you ever think slowing down would be beneficial? Some of the most creative moments come when you are relaxed and receptive. Plan each day with a break or several where you can do something in nature, perhaps take a walk, work on a hobby, play with your child or simply meditate. 2.

Be yourself. How often do you drown your feelings in a destructive behavior rather than experience them? Why not try acknowledging them and then acting responsibly in accordance with them? For example, if you are you in a relationship which requires you do things you do not want to do on a regular basis try putting healthy boundaries in place to make that relationship work better for your true self. 3. Journal. Regularly sit with a pen and pad and begin to journal your feelings about things. It is more effective to write your thoughts rather than type them, because your subconscious is more readily associated with your handwriting than a keyboard.

The more authentically you live as yourself the better your life will get until finally you will enter the state of flow. Flow is a magical state where your thoughts and your experiences begin to become one. When you play a sport in "flow" it is as if another power has taken over your game, leading you every step of the way.

In flow your life glides like a magic carpet ride. Opportunities abound, doors open automatically, you experience joy more often. It is like heaven is your partner guiding and enabling you effortlessly every step of the way because you would have begun living as a spiritual being in a physical body. When you become yourself, you thrive.

Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn is The "Intuitive Magic" Coach, a five star rated psychic with inherited talent and over 40 years metaphysic experience. She coaches people to create their own "luck" by developing the magic of their intuition. Move from wanting to winning today! Order your FREE copy of "Intuitive Magic: The Secret To Luck!" at .


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