Just How Do You Find A Gift That Says It All

I'm not sure whether you've ever considered converting your thoughts and feelings into a meaningful anniversary gift but poetry can be a great idea for any anniversary and is a truly romantic way of expressing your innermost thoughts and feelings. (Here's a good example of what can be achieved. Debbie was going to be celebrating her first anniversary and wanted something special for her husband, Tommy. Debbie has kindly given her permission for her poem and story to be published) Wiggy and Wigster What is your name : Debbie Italiano Who do you want the poem written for: My Husband Tommy Why do you want the poem written: Our First Wedding Anniversary What are the key messages you would like to send: We had known each other for about 13 years before we started dating, but he did not know that mutual friends of ours had tried to fix me up with him throughout that time.

He came to my job one day (July 30th) because he was friends with my boss and he struck up a conversation with me. That day I happened to be very tan, I was in the best physical shape of my life and I was wearing a white half shirt so my rippled stomach was showing. He saw that and said "I gotta have that".

He asked me what I did to stay in shape and I told him bike riding, running, roller blading etc. So he asked if we could get together sometime and go together. It turns out I lived right around the corner from him (a 3-minute walk away!).

He called me that day at the office after he left and asked me to go with him down the shore to pick up a new truck he had bought. I was still on the fence about a guy I had been dating for a few weeks, so I declined and said I was busy and maybe some other time. Over the next month, I changed the route I took to work so that I could drive by his house, in hopes of seeing him outside to wave hello. One month to the day (August 30th) I had already broken it off with the other guy and went into my boss's email address book and got Tommy's address and I e-mailed him to say hello and asked to take him up on that bike ride. He was thrilled. We went out on our first date 2 days later, September 1, 2001.

We went to dinner at The Offshore in Point Pleasant and then took a romantic stroll, hand-in-hand, from one end of the boardwalk to the other. After 2 weeks of dating, we were in NYC one night and I asked him when was all the sweetness going to end and he said, "never, why does it have to." Both of us knew it this was it, after only two weeks. All of our friends and family knew too and wondered why we were waiting so long to get married or moved in together. I moved in 8 months later (May 1, 2002) and we were engaged the day after my birthday on July 28th, 2002.

We were happily married August 2, 2003. And the sweetness is still there, it will never end. We went on our honeymoon to one of the most romantic places in the world, Italy.

Do you have any funny, sad, happy, embarrassing or otherwise memorable moments that you would like to share: I had a cat Ziggy when I was in my apartment alone and he hated cats. He was quite concerned about how things would work out because I adored my cat. He did not like to hug me when I had cat hair on my clothes. When I moved in the cat stayed in the basement. Then a week or so later he fixed the basement with toys for the cat. Then a little while later the cat was allowed in the hallway too and Tommy began playing with him every day when he came home from work.

Then he was allowed in the whole house and sleeping with us. Now, he kisses the cat more than me and refers to him as "his son"!Before our first date he asked one of his friends if he should hold my hand and his friend said no. He did anyway and the day after our date I told him that I felt really comfortable with him and that the best part was that he held my hand! We still hold hands ALL THE TIME, even in the car! My husband and I are both very anal people, one reason my mother thought that as I got older and more anal I would have difficulty being able to live with anyone, but we are anal in different things and it works really well.We have a lovey-dovey saying we say to each other a couple times a day, i.e. when we leave each other or hang up the phone.

One of us will start with "I love you" the other will say "I love you more" and that will go back and forth two or three times and we do not care who we say it in front of. Our friends and family always make that "gag me" motion.Since the beginning of our relationship we started with a pet name for each other.

My husband is Wiggy and my name is Wigster. My husband will often say "Who loves their Wiggy" I will say, "Wigster does", he'll say, "how much", I will say "More than life itself, each and every day of my life, forever and ever" and he will say "all right then!". Our friends and family gag over that one too, and say all this stuff will go away. It's been just about three years and our relationship is still the same as the day we met.Our wedding invitations and wedding goblets all had our nicknames of Wiggy and Wigster. We walk together nightly in the Spring and Summer and Fall.

On occasion in the Winter, always hand in hand. At the beginning of our relationship, we started to play Scrabble and 500 Rummy.we played one of the two games almost every night for the first 8 or 9 months and we kept score and still have the score sheets. One of us would always write little sayings on the sheet about the winner and loser. The winner always wore the invisible crown. Sometimes when Tommy or I would be the current champion of both games we would fake "complain" that our head hurt because we were wearing two crowns as a joke.

For the first month we were dating, if our date fell on a Saturday he would always schedule the date for 6:30 or 6:45pm. One Saturday I was passing a Catholic church in our town about 6:00pm and noticed his truck. I realized that he was going to church, but did not want to tell me that. am Catholic too and had not been to church in many years because I had no one to go with or any other excuse I could come up with. I told him I saw him there and told him I would love to go with him. Now we add mass every Saturday night at 5:30 p.

m. to whatever our schedule may be. I've heard it said that "people who pray together, stay together.

" Do you have any other comments or thoughts: We have an extremely loving and kind relationship. We do not fight , yell or call each names. We do everything together as a team. We are each other's best friend. We are supportive of each other at all times. We cherish life and each other.

I am just about 40 and he is 44. It took us many years to find each other. My husband decided that he was content on being single the rest of his life, until he met me. The relationship I have with Tommy is the best relationship with anyone, male or female, that I have ever had.

What style of poem would you prefer (happy, sad, romantic etc.): happy and romantic Please choose which package you would prefer: Unique Do you have any last comments or thoughts: My husband is truly my sole mate and the love of my life. I adore him.

He is not like any other human being I've met my entire life. He completes me. Everyone that he knows or meets thinks he is such a wonderful person with a great big heart, and now it beats for me! Wiggy and Wigster We had known each other for 13 years, that was even before we'd started to date, but despite the best efforts of our mutual friends, they hadn't accounted for those winds of fate. We had known each other for 13 years, that was even before we'd started to date, but despite the best efforts of our mutual friends, they hadn't accounted for those winds of fate. You came to my job one hot July 30th, and you struck up a conversation with me, that day I happened to be very tanned, you thought my ripped stomach was a place to be.

You asked what I did to stay in shape, and asked if sometime we could go together, I was only 3 minutes away from "more than life itself, each and every day of my life, forever and ever". Exactly one month from that first meeting day, I looked you up in an e-mail address book, I must admit I'd been driving by your house, just in the hope I'd get a wave or a look. Because I'd already turned down one invitation, and wasn't going to make that same mistake again, so I asked to take you up on that bike ride, you were so thrilled, you just said: "When?" We went out on our first date two days later, for the record, it was dinner at The Offshore, then we took a romantic stroll, hand in hand, and I knew my life had changed (for evermore). After two weeks of dating, I asked when would all the sweetness end, and you said, "Never, why does it have to?", We both knew then, we'd found a lifelong friend.

It was obvious to our friends and family too, and I had waited for you to say "I love you" for so long, so happily, I moved in just a few months later, and ever since, we've never put one foot wrong. When we first met I found you disliked cats, and now Ziggy "your son" gets more kisses than me, but let me tell you, Wiggy, you're wonderful, and you've made Wigster's World a great place to be. Wearing two crowns can be sometimes tiring, so together, we play, we laugh, love, walk and pray, hand in hand, we do everything as a couple, as we did on August 2nd, our "Beautiful" wedding day. I now know what a husband's love is truly worth, and we know that there's no "I" in team, I know you took your time in arriving, but you were worth waiting for, my dream. Our relationship is the best I've ever had, you truly are my soul-mate and the love of my life, I just wanted to say, "I'm proud of you", and very proud to be known as your wife.

Now there's Wiggy, Wigster, Ziggy and Pinky, the newest member to the Italiano clan, Pinky, is Daddy's favorite baby girl, but don't worry, you're still my favorite man. And at the risk of our friends and family gagging, and this is really what these words are for Happy First Anniversary, Tommy, my Wiggy, and you've already guessed it, Wigster loves you more. Copyright Allen Jesson :) 2004 Debbie kindly replied: "Hi Allen, Wow! what a beautiful job!. You truly have a gift!.

" and after the package was received: "Hi Allen, My anniversary is today and my husband just opened the poem and absolutely loved it!.Beth did a beautiful job with the presentation of it as compliments to you both.

thanks again for giving me a wonderful "traditional first anniversary gift of paper" for my husband, Debbie Italiano" So there you have it. A few thoughts and feelings turned into a truly meaningful gift of love.

Allen Jesson writes for A Gift of Love, a site that specializes in finding heartfelft gifts of love from around the world.


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