Keeping your Personal Affairs in Order provides a revolutionary method of organizing one's important data and end of life plans in an ultra-secure web-based storage infrastructure. The site is an extremely useful tool which helps members document and store important information and digital versions of their Will, birth certificate, driver's license, healthcare directive, passport, family photos, attorney and Personal Representative contact information, safe deposit box locale, and much more. Members (and designated representatives) can retrieve their documents securely from any computing device with an Internet connection. All data transmitted to and from AffairsInOrder servers is encrypted with the highest available security, which means even if communication was acquired by a hacker; the information would be 100% unintelligible.The AffairsInOrder security system ensures the confidentiality of a member's information such as their will or Healthcare Directive, while simultaneously allowing a designated Executor or Personal Representative to access this information should the member become severely ill, enter a comatose state, or be otherwise unable to act for themselves.

Members can easily select which information is private, and which is accessible by the Personal Representative. AffairsInOrder provides a secure and accessible place to make one's final wishes known. Members can designate who will take care of their children, pets, possessions, and they can plan how they wish to spend their last days of life whether in a hospital setting or at home, whether they want life support or other heroic care or not. AffairsInOrder provides an easy method of planning one's funeral and burial or cremation, along with all other aspects of end of life. This organized approach is possibly one of life's best gifts to those one leaves behind, who will have an easier time dealing with the extremely difficult situation of putting together the myriad details required when a family member passes away. JP LaMere is co-founder of AffairsInOrder, and a graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in International Business especially in the area of computers and related Internet technology, JP served as Marketing Manager for one of the first online radio stations that he helped bring public on NASDAQ with a successful IPO, then later formed one of the world's first wireless ISPs utilizing the emerging Wi-Fi technology.


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