Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Need a Halloween costume but running low on time? Here are some Halloween costume ideas that take very little time -- and more importantly, very little money. Turning Regular Clothes into a Last Minute Costume One quick way to create a last minute Halloween costume is by using the clothes you already have! Try perusing your mother's closet for vintage or worn clothes. You can use these clothes and dress up as a person from a specific era, like the 70s or 80s.

For example, if you find a lot of clothes from the 80s, take those clothes, primp up your hair, and you've got yourself a Halloween costume! You don't necessarily have to dress as a character for Halloween -- you just need to have a theme. A quick note: the 40s are coming back into fashion, so try finding clothes that fit with that era. Pin-up models are extremely popular now. All you need is red lipstick, a little eye shadow, curled hair ? and you've got a last minute look that didn't stress your pocketbook. Use Makeup to Your Advantage Another easy way to create a last minute Halloween costume is by using makeup. For example, if you want to dress up as a bear, put on a pair of jeans and a brown T-shirt, then paint your face.

Go to a local store and buy brown gloves for an added effect. If you want to dress up as your favorite character, dress up in appropriate clothes (if you want to dress up as Jack Sparrow, for example, wear a white shirt, jeans, and boots) and use makeup to recreate his or her face. If your Halloween costume is an angry pirate, paint black eye shadow on your eyelids and draw on a swirly mustache.

If you're going as an angelic princess, put on red lipstick and gently paint sparkly eye shadow on your eyelids. Buy a cheap tiara and you're ready to go! Accessorize To Create Awesome Halloween Costumes A very simple way to create a last minute Halloween costume is to accessorize. Wear whatever you want, but add a themed accessory to make your outfit truly Halloween-esque. You can visit a Halloween store to pick up a cool accessory or two -- they're usually very affordable. Themed hair bands are very popular, and many females wear cat hair bands to quickly make their outfit Halloween approved. Men, are you feeling devilish? Buy a devil hair band and show your sinister side.

There are numerous themed hair bands you could buy to instantly turn your outfit into a last minute Halloween costume, but don't get too crazy with it. As you can see, it's very easy to create a last minute Halloween costume without spending too much time, effort, or money. Remember to check your closet for last minute ideas, use makeup creatively, and use accessories to deck out your Halloween costume. You won't stress out finding a Halloween costume ? better yet, you'll save money in the process.

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