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A successful marriage is a two way street. Just like the old saying "if you want a friend you have to be one," being in a marriage is no different. However happy you are before the ceremony, there's something about getting married that can rock the boat. Most couples wobble on honeymoon. Many find that once back home, things aren't going as well as they did before the ceremony. A staggering one in two marriages are also set to fail. So whether you're a blushing bride or forty years down the road, how can you make your marriage work? The answer is to look at what effective couples do and apply their secrets to your relationship.

At one time or another, we all get into a channel in our intimate relationships. The spark fades, the conversations lose excitement, and the sex feels routine. We all enter relationships with high expectations of "how it's going to be," but reality hits and we soon find ourselves feeling frustrated and disappointed. It is easy to fall in love; it is quite difficult to stay in love, and have a happy marriage. Have you ever seen a couple in their mid 80's who still have that spark, respect, and openness in their relationship? It is a rare find, but I'll tell you what, when you see it, it's a beautiful thing. Here are fifteen practical tips that you can utilize to improve your relationship now. Some of these tips are adapted from the research gathered by John Ghottman, a word renowned marriage expert.

Follow these easy step by step secrets and be well on your way to a successful marriage. These are some of the qualities that can create magic for you. If you don't have these qualities, then you need not worry, you can start developing them from today onwards. These qualities are not very hard to develop but may take little time. Once you have developed them, just see the difference in your married life. It will become more beautiful and romantic.

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Be kind
keep each other centre stage
Learn to resolve conflicts
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