Marketing Lessons from Karate

If you ever went to a Karate class, you'd think you died and went to hell. Not not heaven. Hell. Because you'd soon be pretty bored with the repetition. You see, in karate you don't learn 400 movements all at once. Instead you learn one movement 400 times.

The day someone steps out of the shadows to put a fist to your face, you'll instinctively see the benefit of the repetition. In a split second, you'll react, without even consciously thinking about it. This is the power of repetition. The Brain only learns through repetition and extreme danger. If there's extreme danger, the brain will store the information on a top priority basis. If the information isn't quite so life and death based, the brain needs repetition.

Which is why you can always remember where to find the spoons in your kitchen but can't remember where you parked the car. And yet most people get bored with repetition. It's old hat they say.

They listen to a learning audio tape once and then listen to the next one. And the next. Never learning, never implementing. I listen to most audio at least 5 times in a row and some tapes I've listened to as many as 50 times. You've got to learn, listen and implement. Then do the same thing 400 times.

Do just three things. We've dedicated our year to just three things. 1) Referrals 2) Strategic Alliances 3) Developing Content And every single day of the year, we make sure we do all of these three things. In a year, that's about 365 times, or more. Do just three things 400 times this year and you'll think you died and went to hell. And then then found heaven.

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