Military Care Packages and Soldier Phone Card Donations

When a doldier deploys, he or she goes through more that what most of us could ever imagine. Working days on end, receiving enemy fire, dealing with heat in excess of hundred and fourty degrees are just a few of the things our Soldiers go through every day. It is important for us to let them know that we appreciate this dedication in the form of free military care packages. Military care packages sent to troops down range not only show the soldiers that you care and appreciate their service; it can also provide them with valuable resources in the form of free military phone card donations.

Many free military care packages that soldiers receive are filled with crushed cookies and candy, more shampoo and baby powder than they could use in a lifetime and enough boxes of soap to build a house. If you would like to send out a free military care package to a soldier, and you want that soldier to find it useful, you may want to think about alternatives like soldier phone cards that they can use anywhere in the world to talk to loved ones. There are companies out there that provide very low rate military phone cards to those serving our country.

These companies do not only provide these low rate phone cards to soldiers; they provide them to anyone who is willing to pay a small amount of money for them. You can purchase these military phone cards for a low rate and use them as free donations in your military care package. Some major military phone card companies have hidden fees. When a soldier receives a military phone card donation, the card may say 300 minutes but only provide the soldier with 150 minutes or less.

Although some major phone card companies do this, some do not. A few companies believe that our military is what holds our country together and for that they would like to provide the best service possible with no hidden fees, at a low rate. It seems the War on Terror is something that will not be going away anytime soon.

With so many conflicts in the World today, soldiers are constantly deploying to keep the world a safer place. It is important for us as Americans to continue to support our military, providing them with free military phone card donations and care packages so that their moral is continuously high and they can continue to fight our enemies and keep this great country free.

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