Most Destructive Habits That Hold You Back

If you think about your daily life a vast majority of what you do is defined by the habits you have developed over time. It stands to reason then, your habits have a crucial role to play in whether your succeed or struggle through your life. From the moment we get out of bed we are already to a large extent living out the habits we have programmed into our subconscious, from the morning routine right through to how we get ourselves ready for work.

The journey to work and our work day is largely already defined into a routine. We may catch the same train, even standing at the same spot on the platform. Or we might drive to work taking the same route every morning. Whilst the little details of the day changes the vast majority of it in the background was controlled by your habits. So if habits play a big part of your day and therefore could have a great influence in making your day productive and successful then if you don't already live the life you want then you might well have destructive habits holding you back.

Here a the top 10 most destructive habits that people have. 1. They are negative from the moment they get out of bed. Have you ever woke up and just felt drained and tired. We have all had bad starts to our day but if you focus on why today is going to be a bad day chances are you are going to live a pretty average day. The attitude you have from the moment you get out of bed can have a lasting influence on the way your day eventuates.

Starting your day on a positive and uplifting way will certainly get you focusing on the good things you have in life. 2. They quit too easily.

Our society has largely evolved into a instant gratification kind of world. We expect our food instantly, we don't like to wait in line and we certainly don't want to have to wait to have what we want. The instant gratification habit has instilled in us a sense of ease. We find easy credit, we look for easy work and we want easy ways to have fun. The cost of buying into the notion of instant gratification is that we don't stick to things till completion.

As soon as things starts to get hard or obstacles presents themselves we quit. By quitting too easily we never have a chance of gaining mastery over anything and therefore never truly reaping anything of value for ourselves. 3. They are dream stealers.

The most destructive habit you could possibly have that holds you back is being the person that is perceived to be a dream stealer. There are really two types of people in this world. Those who lift you when you are around them or those who lean on you.

The people who lift you are those who encourage you, inspire you and praise you to become the person you ought to be. You enjoy their company and you generally feel better for being around them. On the other hand those who lean on people are focused on the negative side of life, they are cynical, they always find the negative in everything and because their life is imperfect that are more than happy to point out how your living an imperfect existence too.

No one wants to be around negative people. 4. They waste their time. One of the great equalizers of humanity is time.

No matter who you are, how powerful you are or how much influence you have the one thing you cannot control is time. We are all allocated the same amount of hours each day and how we utilize them will determine the amount of joy and fulfillment we have in our lives. By making wise choices with our time we can better focus on doing the things that we want and less of the things that we don't want. 5. They don't think things through. Instead of taking in advice and making careful consideration before making a decision destructive people tend to have a habit of doing things with haste.

They give everything a try and their constant need to follow their impulse or instinct means they never really get anywhere in life. Because they are always jumping from one impulse to the next they are often scattered and lack any real focus towards any useful attainment or life progress.

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