NLP Steps to Reinforce Your Identity

Did you know that NLP has numerous tools to help you increase your self-esteem and reinforce your identity? Some people may not know who they are, some are aware they have a potential of becoming more and some are already on the path of realizing their potential and on the way to self-actualization. I'm going to show you an NLP exercise that will help you reinforce your identity, increase your self-awareness and enter the path of self-actualization. This NLP exercise has 5 steps. Follow these steps and you'll become more centered in your life. 1. Imagine a line on the floor, going from left to right.

It represents your life. On the left or the right is your past and the future is on the opposite direction. In the middle is the present time. Now relax and ask yourself this question: "Who am I?" some possible answers are: man, woman, parent, 45 years old, generous, patient, kind, sad, depressed etc. 2.

Find your center. Your center is somewhere in your stomach or maybe within you in the chest area. It is something that when you feel it, you feel grounded, you feel that you're here, in the present moment. You can also see your center if you can't feel it. Can you see or feel it density, location, color? Does it move? Is it like a sphere, spinning? 3.

Move a little bit in the room, your hand on your stomach if your center is in the stomach area. As you're moving, feel your center, don't lose sight of it. 4.

Now, you're going to walk on your time line. Step onto your time line, where you represented your present time. Walk toward your future, your hand still on the part of the body where you feel your center.

Physically move on your time line toward your future. 5. Now that you have walked on your time line toward your future for the equivalent of 10 or 20 years, as you wish, walk backwards to the present time and feel how centered you become. And as you are finished and on the present, notice how changed you are because you feel more centered, more grounded.

You can create a sense of purpose that way, reinforce your identity, learn or re-learn how to be grounded and centered. By utilizing this NLP process, you can become unstoppable. This is a powerful exercise if you do it well.

And I would like to offer you other ways to reinforce your identity, to create a sense of purpose and vision. You can do that by going to and downloading a free course: "Discover the TOP 5 secrets of EVERY highly successful Person to Achieve What You Want"


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