Organizing Kids Rooms in Simple Steps

Organizing kids' rooms can be more inexpensive and easier to accomplish than you might think. We've assembled a tried-and-true method to help get any child's room in better shape quickly and easily. Step 1: Remove the clutter The very first step to take when starting to organize a room is to rid it of clutter. This means sorting through everything in the room and removing as much as possible that doesn't need to be there. Sometimes clutter is caused because there is just not enough space to store all of the items that are used on a regular basis. However, more often than not, kids' rooms are overloaded with an abundance of toys, games, clothing, books and collectibles that don't really all need to be there.

Usually, at least some of these items are outgrown and/or rarely used. There's no denying that this step can be challenging for those of us who are pack rats at heart, but it's worth it. Once you've identified and removed the excess items, you'll begin to see and feel immediate improvement.

At this stage, many people are thrilled to see a floor again! As an added benefit, studies have shown that by removing the clutter and getting organized, a child's room can actually be a calming place that helps him or her to function better in their daily life. Step 2: Organize everything that's left Step two involves organizing everything that's left in the room after the clutter has been cleared away. The key here is to find simple and effective storage ideas so that everything has a place where it belongs. Step back and take a good look at the room.

What areas are being underutilized? Hint: Vertical space is usually not used to it's full potential. For example, wall art is wonderful, but a bookcase might be a better use of that space. Low cost options for storage include lidless plastic containers, shoe boxes and baskets. Color-coded containers are great for teaching young children to sort toys. And making good use of that wall space can be as simple as incorporating a few hooks or shelves.

When you're done with this step, everything in the room will have its rightful place. The rule of thumb is . if it doesn't have a place, it shouldn't be there.

Not only does this make it a snap to clean up, but it also helps to prevent clutter from creeping back in to the room. Step 3: Find easy ways to maintain the organization For most of us, the real trick is to keep the momentum once we've completed a reorganization. In order to combat the old habits that created the clutter in the first place, this step focuses on creating easy ways to keep things in order. Even children as young as three can be taught to help keep their room neat and clean.

Once they know where their things belong, make it a game to put everything back in it's place. By making it a habit, you can teach a preschool aged child organizational skills without them even knowing it. Once a child enters school you can help them by introducing file folders and letter organizers to keep school papers, assignments, and extracurricular activities organized.

A wall calendar, chalk board or white board is a great idea to help a child start to understand how important a schedule is as well. Once a child approaches and enters the teen years, organizing their room takes on new challenges. As they begin to declare independence in many areas of their life, their personal space will become a prime place where they want to exercise control. Allowing the teen to make decisions about how they want to organize and listening to their ideas will help eliminate the push and pull of trying to get them to maintain their rooms. Start by going together and purchasing organizational items they like and help them create a plan for keeping their space in good shape.

No matter how far you've come, or how far you have to go, the best way to teach a child these important skills is to be a good role model. All children need help and a good example in order to learn how to structure and maintain their environment. Trying to enforce a clean and organized room from your child is impossible if you are not organized yourself. So get started today on our 3 easy steps and see what a difference it makes.

Veronica Scott provides helpful and creative ideas to parents and grandparents of young children. Visit The Magical Rocking Horse today for a great selection of kids furniture and storage, gifts and educational toys.


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