Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Are you planning to have a simple natural wedding outdoors? Outdoor weddings are very popular and what is more natural then getting married in a beautiful outdoor setting. Maybe it is the backyard of a family house or a more formal garden either way this is sure to be a crowd pleasers. However special care and attention needs to be taken into consideration when planing outdoor wedding decorations. They need to be strong enough to withstand the elements.

You do not want a candle in flimsy paper bag when the wind is starting to pick up is a sure recipe for disaster. However with careful planning for the outdoor wedding decorations can ensure a beautiful wedding environment. Typically with outdoor wedding the best mantra to keep in mind is less is more. When you are outside in a beautiful garden you want the guests to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and not the overly pushy decorations demanding their attention. So with the less is more in mind there are some things that can be done to really spruce up the space.

Arch or Trellis An arch or trellis can be a wonderful decoration for an outdoor wedding. An arch typically acts as a framing device for the wedding. It will frame the bride and groom and set them apart from the rest of the wedding party.

These can easily be left plain or decorated with ribbons, balloons or flowers. Consult with your florist to get some ideas of cut flowers that can be added to decorate the arch. Lanterns and Lights Lanterns or strings of light hung around the wedding site in the trees can be a nice classic touch especially for wedding that take place at sunset.

These will help illuminate the event and again kind of frame the wedding site in a beautiful glow. Flowers There might already be an abundance of flowers in the garden. However depending on the time of year potted plants and flowers can be nice additions to the wedding decorations. Filling in large empty spaces and setting the wedding site apart from the rest of the garden.

Water? Is there a small body of water at the event maybe a small lake or fountain nearby? These can provide wonderful opportunities for floating candles. Purchasing small plastic or glass boats to float candles in can be a wonderful decoration idea. Especially for weddings that take place at sunset these can be a classic addition and provide a soft glowing airy feel to the event. Having an wedding outdoors can be a wonderful treat.

The natural beauty of the setting will really provide the bulk of your decorations. However a few simple additions of outdoor wedding decorations can add a nice touch to the overall feeling. By using natural materials like an old bird cage or water can really enhance the overall feel of the event. Whatever you plan for your outdoor wedding decorations make sure it is rough and ready for the elements and not something that you will have to constantly be fixing or worrying about.

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