Radio Flyer Is Years Old

Radio Flyer have been producing high quality wagons for 90 years. Their durable long lasting toys have gained iconic status in the USA and through the coverage in film and television these wagons have become a familiar site to viewers throughout Europe and beyond. Radio Flyer has remained an industry leader and trend setting manufacturer by innovating and diversifying whilst retaining their reputation for quality materials and production methods. The introduction of their range of plastic wagons was seen by some as a cheapening of their brand identity as they had traditionally employed metal and wood for wagon production.

However critics and fans alike have come to realize that through the use of highly engineered components and the use of cutting edge technology has created a range of wagons that take the humble pull along wagon to a new level. Wagons such as the Radio Flyer Pathfinder have redefined the hand pulled wagon by adding numerous features and retaining an amazing load pulling ability. The Pathfinder for example offers the ultimate in safety and refinement with safety harnesses for two children, cup holders, sculpted cabin space and an ergonomically formed handle. However, fold the seatbacks down and the Pathfinder is capable of hauling 200lbs of cargo. The additional feature of a plastic wagon is the ability to shrug off the normal wear and tear caused by daily usage.

Simple hose down your Pathfinder and hey presto she's as good as new. In addition because the body is made of hard wearing fade resistant plastic the wagon can be left in the back garden through rain and shine without a worry. The robust build quality of the Pathfinder has made them a favourite on the large European campsites where site owners rent these wagons out to customers. They are ideal for transporting kids, picnics, water, tents and so much more and have become a familiar site to millions of campers.

Naturally whenever a product becomes popular there are many companies who try to manufacture cheap reproductions. These poorly manufactured copies are constructed from cheap plastics with poor hardware and invariably last for months rather than years. It is indeed true that you get what you pay for! The Radio Flyer Pathfinder represents the core beliefs of the company by manufacturing an amazing wagon with a plethora of features with the inherent build quality of Radio Flyer. As Radio Flyer approaches their centenary they do in a manner that has made them a household name; keeping an eye on the future but a foot in the past.

Gary Clay is an authority on Radio Flyer and owner of MonkeyShine a UK retailer ofRadio Flyer Wagons in the UK.


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