Secret Feng Shui Personal Directions That Influence Your Life

Gravity affects everyone, even without our awareness. In fact, you're influenced by other laws of nature from the moment of birth, including the inherent Feng Shui energies present in all buildings and your unique directional relationship to the magnetic forces of Earth. Even without your awareness Feng Shui influences are affecting your finances, health and relationships. The 5 levels of influence in Classical Feng Shui are?

  • General ENVIRONMENTAL Problems? like Electrical Transformers, Clutter & Broken things
  • Problems with the Movement of Qi (chi)? including Blocked Qi, a Direct Hit or Loss of Qi
  • Inherent Energies? affecting People (Health & Relationship) & Money (Finances & Career)
  • Cyclical Energies? Annual & 20 year Construction Cycle LOCKS on People and/or Money
  • Personal Directions? your lifetime 45° & 15° Directions according to your gender & date of birth
Beyond the first two visible levels of influence is your building's unseen energy blueprint, which includes supportive and sabotaging energies.

The energy blueprint is influenced by the Visiting Annual Energy, which is why one year can be better or worse in the same building. To neutralize the negative and enhance the positive energies Classical Feng Shui uses the five elements (water fountains, live plants, fire colored, earthen or metal objects) as beautiful accessories that blend with your décor. Many consultants will tell your Kua or Trigram general 45° gender and birthday derived directions, however barely 5% of consultants are capable of doing the calculation involved to determine your unique set of 15° Feng Shui Personal Directions. As an internationally respected instructor for the American Feng Shui Institute and founder of The Feng Shui Advantage consulting firm? I've worked with these secret 15˚ directions for over a decade, teaching thousands of clients how to manage all of their Personal Directions by using their one-of-a-kind Feng Shui Advantage Personal Directions Birth-Chart. The poetic Chinese names of your 15° Personal Direction confuse most people, so I refer to them as your 'Lifetime Keys', because these magnetic directions are the key to how your life is influenced from the moment you're born.

You're automatically influenced by the following 'Lifetime Keys' directions when your home/office is sitting toward one of your exact directions and/or an opening (door/window) is located in one of these precise directions from the magnetic center of your home/office. A few of these directions have other conditions that trigger them, such as:

  • TALENT ? Your CREATIVE (right) brain is also supported by sitting/standing with your back pointing toward your specific 15° TALENT direction. One of my clients used his Feng Shui Advantage Personal Directions Birth-Chart to end his writer's block, by sitting with his back toward his 15˚ Talent direction. He said "Before I knew it I'd written three chapters."
  • INTELLECT ? Your ANALYTICAL (left) brain is supported by when your back is pointing toward your opposite 15° INTELLECT direction. A client's 4 children with Attention Deficient Disorder grades all improved by sitting with their backs toward their individual 15˚ Intellect directions.

    Their mother is saving their Feng Shui Advantage Personal Directions Birth-Chart, so they can locate all of their 15˚ directions anywhere, from their dorm room to their retirement home.

  • PROSPEROUS ? Brings you PROSPERITY. When a client's home isn't good for making money, but sits toward or has a door/window in their Prosperous 15˚ direction? they do better financially than anyone else living in there.

    However, after they implement the necessary elemental remedies in and around their home? everyone's financial situation improves.

  • CONSUMING ? DRAINS your money away through extravagant spending or uncontrollable expenses, even if the building's energy blueprint is good for making money. Having her front door in her 'Consuming' direction brought one client to the verge of bankruptcy.

    By directing everyone to use their side door and installing all the required elemental remedies, soon they'd saved enough to purchase several investment properties.

  • Valued FRIENDS ? Brings FRIENDS into your life that SUPPORT of your efforts (including business referrals). Luckily, after suffering a sever brain injury, a teacher moved into an apartment sitting in her Valued Friends direction, which assured her assistance when needed. However, once she installed the necessary Feng Shui remedies? both her health and income improved.

    She even won a large settlement from the accident that caused her brain injury.

  • LONELY PILLOW ? Keeps you single when your headboard is toward your 15° 'Lonely Pillow' direction. Doors/windows within your 'Lonely Pillow' direction from the magnetic center of your whole house or bedroom/suite will also keep you sleeping alone. Plus, a mirror or your bed in this 15° portion of your house or bedroom will trigger 'Lonely Pillow Syndrome,' which even keeps celebrities like Oprah's best friend, Gayle King single. Before hiring me? a beautiful lady had gone 7 years without a single date and after moving her bed away from her 'Lonely Pillow' direction she had 3 dates in the very first week with the help from Romance Vase.

  • ROMANCE Vase ? Brings more ROMANTIC partners to choose from. If SINGLE, you'll needed to place your specific colored vase with its coordinating colored fresh-cut flowers in fresh water within the precise 15° ROMANCE portion of your bedroom. This increases the QUANTITY of partners to choose from. However, you must still choose carefully because nothing can guarantee the quality of a potential partner. I'm always delighted when a client calls to ask "Now that I'm engaged, do I still buy flowers for my Romance Vase?" To which I reply? "No, you've made your choice and congratulations."
By now, you know what to expect from a comprehensive Classical Feng Shui analysis of your home/office.

When you interview potential consultants? ask if their consultation covers all 5 levels, including a written report with all your 15˚ Personal Directions (including your Robbery and Injury directions not mentioned above) and if they offer Annual Updates. As with any professional, you'll want to verify their credentials and contact their references before trusting any consultant with the fate of your family or business. © 2008 P.K. Odle. All rights reserved.

NOTE: You're welcome to "reprint" this article online as long as it remains complete.

P.K. Odle? Classical Feng Shui consultant, author, speaker, internationally respected instructor for the renowned American Feng Shui Institute has created The Feng Shui Advantage's 'Lifetime Keys Personal Directions Self-Mastery Toolbox' to teach you how to manage all of your birthday derived Feng Shui Personal Directions.


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